Sep 18, 2011

The colors are changing

Can't help but notice a difference in the colors lately...People start wearing darker shades, the leaves start to change, even the lighting outside changes...I already noticed how dark it gets by the time I get off of work, and I really enjoy all of that..I enjoy the difference in the air, I think it's almost magical, and correct me if I'm wrong but nothing beats being just "a little" cold, and covering up with a sweater or cowl. I love everything the fall has to offer, and I am noticing these changes in the air daily, I really appreciate them, and I wish it could stay this way all year round..
 Cardigan- UO
Boots- Brandi Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

Random shots:
 an old photo of my grandparents and I, I love this frame from anthropologie too!

 Necklace is finally up in the shop--> take a peek
More is coming little by little- if time only grew on trees!

From top to bottom
I thought wearing the Mike Myers mask would be scary-I think my scarf killed it!
A man walking six dogs in central park, I thought it was funny, they would WALK me.
Alex & I this weekend driving and running errands
And finally, the night sky from my view at work on Friday..I thought it looked beautiful. 

Hope you all had a fun weekend! Where did you go?


  1. i love the 3rd shot of you in the doorway, beautiful. and i too love this feeling of fall creeping in. its been a long time coming...

  2. I'm loving your blog and have been following via bloglovin'.

    Keep the excellent posts and cute pics coming:)

  3. cuuute outfit pictures - love the scarf! can't wait to wear them this fall :)

  4. I'm excited about fall too...I just don't want it to lead to winter! Although I don't really mind the cold until about January, that's when I'm usually done with it and ready for spring!

  5. Great pictures ! I love ure outfit ! and me too , I think autumn is best season ever !! :D

    Bisou, Doudinou <3 (Riim)

  6. love the outfit! I am so excited about fall coming

  7. photo #3 is amazing! it could be from your moms old stash of photos

  8. Your outfit looks so warm and comfortable. Perfect for the Fall.

  9. Love that cardigan and scarf! Looks like such a comfy outfit for autumn :)


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