Sep 16, 2011

Autumn Plaids

Today is absolutely perfect in every way. The weather is crisp and a bit chilly, the air is blowing at the perfect speed, and I can finally dress a little bit warmer, and not sweat my butt off! I just bought this skirt from ModCloth and when it arrived in the mail yesterday I immediately knew it would be perfect for the fall. I have always loved plaid but this is my first plaid skirt. I also ordered two more skirts from them that I could mix up and also wear to work, outfits will be coming up next week! Also on the bottom of this post I have listed an item that will soon be making its way into the shop, you will also have a chance to win this item on Savannah's blog sometime soon! Keep checking in, and I hope you all have a great weekend with your loved ones! 

Skirt- ModCloth
Belt/Shoes- Aldo
Rings- Personal collection, gifts
Handbag- Cole Haan


And last but not least! My lost at sea necklace! Any interest please email
I will be adding this to the shop sometime during the weekend!


  1. I am wearing my new red plaid shirt today, too, because it feels like fall has arrived here in a big way. I kinda like it, I have to say!

  2. You look so pretty , I love ure outfit , and ure earring are beautiful ... Same thing for the nacklace :)

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  3. Love this post! It is a perfect day. :) Thanks for the reminder!

    And I really love your outfit. Can you dress me please?? You look so beautiful!

  4. LOVE your outfit! Gorgeous :]

    Happy friday!

  5. you look so lovely, friend! love the bag and the ring!

  6. I love your outfit! I always get so obsessed with plaid in the fall. I'm really digging this cooler weather too! It is so weird because I totally thought that I already followed you but now I officially am your latest follower! Have a great weekend! :) -Lo

  7. I love reading your blog so much! You always put together the BEST outfits. I adore that clover ring and your boots.

  8. I love your outfit! You look fantastic. I am envious of the skirt and boots ;)

  9. That skirt is so adorable, I love the soft flare :)


  10. I chanced upon your blog the other day. What lovely outfits and photos you have!

  11. Your new plaid skirt is great- it makes me very excited for fall :) I also really like your four-leaf clover ring, very cute!

    star-crossed smile

  12. this will probably be the most random comment ever! but! do you ever get comments that you look like rashida jones? whenever i post a photo of myself on my blog i get tons of those comments and then i come stop by here and i think that of you! so i guess that makes us twins or something? ;) anyways, you are too cute and im loving your blog lady!

  13. You look so pretty , I love your outfit!


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