May 26, 2011

Fleet Week Outfit Post


|| Details ||
Striped tank: H&M
High Waisted Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Vintage

This is what I wore last night before going out for sushi & drinks with a good friend of mine, Candice. I have known Candice since the 4th grade, when she used to live down the street from me. She met me when the nickname "Mars" had just been created, and she called herself "Jupiter", although the nickname never stuck, we have remained friends and still make time for each other during the busy days we both have. In these photos you are probably thinking, why are they dressed alike? Well I got ready, and was waiting for her, she showed up in the exact same ensemble, but in black! We found it quite funny, and instead of changing...we went with it...I think people thought we were losers, but hey whatever!


  1. hahahaha thats awesome!
    Kelly and I do that a lot!
    you look so cute and how can you wear boots right now? Oh yeah you dont live in TEXAS! we would melt!

  2. haha, that's great! you both looked totes pretty!

  3. Hoooowww cute!! I love those boots too. :) Its around 50 degrees in our tank top weather went away for a little while...but you look a-dor-a-ble! Hearts, janna lynn

  4. love that outfit, especially the boots and skirt. i'm not kidding, i am so incredibly jealous that you can still wear boots! i've been crossing my fingers and hoping for a cool, rainy day so that i can wear them, but no luck so far; my legs and feet would probably melt off if i put them on today.

  5. How completely funny is that! It soo happens. And darling, you look like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  6. You're so pretty, Mars. Seriously!
    I love that you guys went with it. A girl after my own heart:)

  7. I think you both look super cute! :)

  8. You are PRETTY! I like the outfit... LOVE that you didn't change outfits because you were dressed similar to your friend. I think that is cool. Who gives a >>>> what anyone thinks! ha. :)


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