May 28, 2011

Who said?

A photo I took of Paris at night.

When I was younger, I had dreams about what my life would ultimately be like. These dreams followed no particular pattern and made no sense. 
They ranged from having my own farm, and raising little pigs who looked like Wilbur from Charlotte's spending my life being fancy in Paris with a baguette in the front basket of my little bicycle...I still feel like that little kid sometimes. I have different dreams now. These dreams seem more within reach now.

We all have these dreams and ideas, most of which we never follow through with..things that don't seem plausible or doable, because they are too enjoyable and we can't picture making a career or life out of these "fun ideas"...right? wrong!

I have learned that you should ALWAYS do what you're good at...if it's something that comes naturally and easily, it could be the career you have always dreamed of. Why force something that is not there?

I'm sick of feeling like the best thing to do is follow the same beaten path...go to college, get a degree, and do that job for the rest of your life until you die. Wake up and work your 9-5, then complain about it for the rest of the night, go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again. We are all guilty of this at some point. Who decided this? And why is this considered the right thing to do? Why is it okay to hate your job? Sadly many people accept this, and continue to do things that they hate, because they feel as though they have no choice.
Although throughout the years my dreams have changed, I have just recently decided that I will not let anything hold me back from what I truly want...and that means kicking myself in the butt and just going for it, even if there is a possibility that failure may occur.

Now, in 2011 I am 24 years old...and I don't want to own a farm anymore, although I do love little piggies, and I still adore the thought of Paris, but only to visit.

There are so many other things that I want to accomplish in this life that I have not even touched upon yet...Sometimes I feel like I'm going to miss the boat and not do everything in time...But everything, has a season, and everything happens in time...

And when it happens, it will be perfect...
and even if it isn't, i'll deal with it then.

No one says that your life has to be boring- if you choose to follow that same old path, then that is your decision, and only yours. you have all the control in the world, if you just follow through with your convictions, nothing seems too far fetched...

We all make and create our own universe. build yours however you please..and if you hate your job, do everything you can to find something you love to do.


  1. I love this post! I have realized that after going to school for four years I do not want to pursue my chosen career any longer. I know now what I want to do and it is up to me to make that happen. I think all too often we measure our success by degrees and maybe what our parents expect from us but more and more I am grappling with my own measurement of success, which should be largely based on how happy I am doing what I do. Thanks for continuing to remind me of my dreams and that they are totally possible! :)

  2. Oh this is so inspiring! I love when people face their dreams and tackle them instead of letting their dreams haunt them and sticking to whats easy and expected. Love this post.

  3. Well said! Sometimes not knowing exactly what the next step on your path is is scary, but I've always tried to go for the things I love and if I didn't know yet figure it out first (for example going to India before going to university because I only wanted to start a study being truly motivated, not just because it was the next thing to do). I believe in following your heart and using your passion and talents. Dreams are good to strive for, even if they don't plan out exactly as you thought they would.


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