Feb 23, 2011

The cutest little fox

Today was a beautiful day, a bit on the chilly side but nice enough to go take a walk in the park. As a child I remember coming to this park with my family, feeding the ducks and gazing at all of the animals. Over time the park has changed, they have done some construction to the overall look of it, but the feeling it gives me is always the same. I have a lot of memories from that park, and over the years it's been a staple in my community. Although it is extremely sad to see the animals in the cages, I still think it's important to go there and see them. I actually talked to some of them today, and some even stopped and stared for a little while, call me weird but it was a cute connection. The park was empty today, so I got a chance to take some beautiful photos, and I even met my new favorite friend- the fox. He was the cutest thing, and he followed me in every direction I went. He is now my favorite, and I plan to go visit him more often.

tell me he isn't the sweetest.

-Outfit post-
I am just absolutely in love with this new cowl I got from etsy. 
The color is so rich and pretty, unlike any other cowl I own.
You can get one like it from tiffany on etsy

I also got some new glasses! the frames are very big, but I'm starting to get used to them :)

Navajo shirt & Flannel- Urban outfitters
Boots- Coach
Black pants- LOFT petites

Hope you all enjoy the day!


  1. Yay! The scarf looks amazing on you! You wear it well my friend.

  2. lovinggg that outfit and those new frames are super cute on you!

  3. Great pics, love your glasses! Love your outfit, looks comfortable! I'm glad you had a great day at the zoo!

  4. You are TOO stylish & TOO cute! I wanna snuggle that foxy fox! If I visit, take me there! =)

  5. The cowl is so pretty! The color is fantastic. It reminds me of all things warm and wonderful, lol. I agree with you, the fox looks so adorable. He seems like a good friend indeed!
    --Ciara :)

  6. Beautiful girl! Love your outfit, glasses, and all these pictures.
    That little fox! Oh, I die.

  7. aww I love your outfit! And your glasses too! the whole connection with the fox reminds me when I went to the zoo and all these white tigers were looking at me and when other people crowded around me they looked away. White tigers have always been my favorite since then. That fox is so cute though! aww

  8. AAAdorable outfit as usual!!! I love the big glasses...I find big glasses to be so comfy! :) I love it! You look comfy and cute...can't beat that! The pictures are beautiful...the animals look amazing..I want to take that fox home...and the fountain looks like an upside chandelier, how cool is that!!! Love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  9. You're so tiny & adorable it KILLS me.

  10. i love when parks have animals!

    your outfit is great and i just love that shirt and your glasses are adorable!!


  11. i am LOVING these pictures. and your outfit. and your hair. and shoot... everything. youre adorable!

  12. look at you, miss thang. i love your outfit! i also love the fox. and all the animals. i wish i could just snuggle with them!

  13. :( i hate seeing animals in cages. poor fox! its so gorgeous!

  14. aww such a cute fox! i love foxes ,
    great cowl i just learned to crochet and those are next on my list of things to learn to make lol



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