Feb 21, 2011

My roots part 2

So if you haven't yet, read my first post that goes in conjunction with this one.

The beaches in the Mediterranean are the most beautiful. We were lucky enough to go to a few different beaches in Limassol and we also took a boat into the middle of nowhere and we got to get out and swim. The water was the brightest of blues, and the perfect temperature, you could see right to the bottom. By the way, I should inform all of you that I can't swim.. I know it's crazy but for me to get that deep into water was a huge deal!



  1. Aw, how awesome! That water is so clear! & from what I remember the mediterranean water is pretty much a perfect temperature! That's so cool that you got to go out there & see everything! Those photos are amazing you pretty liddo lady, you! You two are the cutest too...btw. =)

  2. Awesome pictures! I've been wanting to go to Greece for many years now, hopefully after I graduate in a few months. The water is sooo pretty <3

    Courtney xoxo

  3. Wow! What gorgeous pictures! I loved both posts!

  4. Wow, look at that water... lucky girl! Beautiful photos! Good for you for testing out the ocean...


  5. wow, the water looks absolutely gorgeous, and i'd love to go swimming there! now i think i need to visit the mediterranean!

  6. i loved seeing these two past posts of your roots. truly awesome! looks like you had some magical time there. i'm completely in the mood for summer and traveling now:)

  7. Oh wow! Beautiful! I want to go there, right now!

  8. Greece is definitely one of those places I want to see someday. So cool that you got to go to the place that your family is from! Beautiful photos!

  9. I absolutely love both parts of this post. I'm also Greek, but I haven't been to Greece yet! Your photos make me want to book a trip asap :)


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