Jan 31, 2011

Updates & Outfit Post

 SURPRISE- the month is over. As I write this post it is 11:31 on the 31st- I can't believe it is February already! Where did the time go? The first month launch of my shop has been extremely overwhelming, but amazing at the same time, I want to thank all of you for being so supportive and extremely sweet throughout this whole experience. I am so happy I have a shop where I sell things I absolutely love.

There are a few things I am looking forward to this month...
Some things being :

The youtube channel with mygirlthursday  
For more information stay tuned, Thursday and I will be updating this month
We are shooting for a March date to start the  channel for those of you who are in the loop. 
For those not in the loop but interested-email me
littletreevintage@gmail.com or thursday@mygirlthursday.com.
We are both extremely excited about this project so as time progresses we will share more info!
If we have your emails, please be patient- we haven't forgotten you!

Little Tree is getting a section for the guys!
That's right! I have been saying it but it's in the process of happening, I am going to shoot for having it done by the end of the month- but that is subject to change. I have found such wonderful things already with the help of Alex(since I am not a male). I am excited to share them with you. 

My own handmade jewelry will also be added!
I  have been making jewelry for a few weeks now and I am extremely happy with the outcome. In fact the earrings I wore in the last post will also be for sale- I got a lot of comments regarding those. Here is a sneak peak of what is going on so far with the jewelry making. I also plan on taking my jewelry to craft shows in the area, which is pretty exciting. 

 For those of you interested in the earrings in my last post- i am also making them by order so you can email me at Littletreevintage@gmail.com

That's all for the news...now onto the outfit post :)

 This is by far one of my favorite shirts to wear.. The beading is so intricate and beautiful.
The waist has a belt with two little tassels on the end.
Boots: Urban outfitters vintage collection, one of a kind!
Shirt/Dress top- Consignment shop

 Again all, stay tuned there is so much little tree to come- keep reading, and don't forget the
and to check out new items in the shop!


  1. that top is so lovely. I like all the detail and that it's such a soft color.

  2. Oooh, so exited to see what you and Chantilly will be up to!

  3. your handmade jewelry is sweet..very excited to see more! and i'm in love with that top you are wearing in your outfit post. it looks like it could be real comfy too.

    p.s. i'm in jersey too! my heart is in jersey city, but i recently moved to warren, nj. where in jersey are you?

  4. i love your boots, but then again, i basically just love boots in general. and the top. WOW! that's so pretty! i always wish i could wear that style, but since i'm basically completely flat chested, they look terrible on me!


  5. What exciting things you have coming!!! I LOVE that shirt!!! You are beautiful my dear friend <3

  6. Yayayayay! I love it all! I can't wait to see the dudes section & DUDE, what is this about a Youtube channel? I remember you two tweeting about that but I never got an email girl...humph! I'm making you a pretty journal & I cannot wait to see how it turns out! Eek! You're so gorgeous & that shirt is amazing!


    (did you know that your comments have captcha? I know you hate it just as much as me...so...just fyi.)


  7. You are so beautiful! I loveee that shirt. Gorgeous!

  8. Love the jewelry and I cannot BELIEVE it's Feb already!

  9. THAT shirt. amazing detail & looks good on YOU!


  10. Looking forward to our chat tomorrow night! And uhhh those boots - they're my dream boots!

  11. Your shirt is soo pretty!
    Congratulations on all the fun new things happening to you;)
    Um, also...why do I not have your blog button? Do you have one, sista?

  12. I do love the bird necklace, Fab!

  13. love it!! you look adorable in that shirt! xoxo

  14. All those jewelries you make are awesome :D


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