Feb 3, 2011

Thursday Things

Some things I love today

This amazing handmade tote from mygirlthursday
Can't wait to get it :)

The pretty package I received from danielle & flojo at dinosaurtoes

 Receiving my favorite magazines in the mail & the new anthropologie issue

Making beautiful jewelry and putting it on etsy
I will be doing this today :)

This beautiful vintage dress with gold embroidery from JolieVintageShop

This beautiful handmade crown from MooreaSeal

This amazing thorn ring from Lola and George

And last but not least...the beautiful trees that surround my house at night.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!


  1. really great list and i can't wait to see your jewelry posted! those night time photos are awesome :)

  2. I love Vogue & Nylon! I have the issue of Vogue. =) Also, I adore the jewelry you're making! & this is such a great list! =) Happy Thursday!

  3. Oo, love the golden crown and the camera tote!! Enjoy your day as well.


  4. we weren't kidding, you are awesome.

    i have that ring from lola and george in silver!

    i'm going to take a look at your shop!

  5. aw thanks for diggin my jewelry!
    I'm going to head over to your shop right now to check out your goods!

    ps Dinosaur Toes is one of my favorite shops too. Danielle is so talented!

    xo. Moorea

  6. Wow those are some lovely things!!!! Hugs to you! xo

  7. Love the tote, the ring and the jewelry:) lovely! Hope your having a nice weekend!

  8. The tote you picked is lovely!
    I've always wondered how I'd look with a 'crown' like this, if I can pull it off... Sure wish I had red hair and freckles like her :)


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