Jan 16, 2011

A sweet weekend.

I don't know about all of you, but I had a lovely, lovely weekend. 
Lots of time with friends, alex, and my family. Here are some photos to recap!

The boys 2nd birthday party pictures

And friends time!

 Some photos from today

 haha gross!
 my love.

I hope everyone had a great weekend-this blog post is short but I have exciting news coming this week regarding the shop! stay tuned friends! Also adding a giveaway when 50 followers on the blog is reached, I have some neat things to be won!


  1. oh my goodness. those little guys in their blue oxford shirts are just adorable!

    happy weekend.
    xx grace

  2. 1. you're too pretty. i can't take it.

    2. my friends never let me take their picture! i think when we have our dinner/game/wine (even though i don't like wine) night next friday, i'm going to sneak my camera in.

    3. save yourself the trouble of doing the giveaway, and just send it to me ;)

  3. oh, and 4. i see you still have snow there, and it's making me want this 50 degree weather to leave so i can have more snow!

  4. those kids are too cute! plus, the cupcakes. i want some. now. i guess 11 in the morning is as good a time as any to whip some up. :)

  5. Don't EVER say gross when it's having to do with yourself...otherwise a bitch slap will be necessary. Virtually of course. I totally need friend time...I'm "in need." Also, aren't nephews the BEST?! I love 'em. & I agree with Danielle...just sent it to her. ;)

  6. You hit the 50 mark! Yay!
    Um...gimme a blog button sister! Get that thing out there;)

  7. Happy to see you had a lovely weekend. I'm digging your pretty scarf. And I agree with Carla.. Where's your button, girl?!


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