Jan 18, 2011


As promised, here are some of my pictures from my backpacking trip to Spain. We went all over, from Almeria, to Madrid, to Sevilla to see the flamenco dancers, and to Barcelona! Enjoy!
Loving the Sangria.
 Candy heaven!
 A beautiful carriage ride through Sevilla!
 Lovely service.
 The beautiful and talented Flameno dancers
 The Alhambra

 The gorgeous beaches in Almeria!

 Rented bikes in Barcelona!
 Made some friends from Pittsburgh :)

 Again, the best coffee money can buy. Europeans have the best coffee! And yes I realize I was carrying a fanny pack. I did not feel like lugging a purse around. trust me it came in handy!
 Our hostel owner. he was a sweet old man!
 I love this view!

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  1. That candy photo is INCREDIBLE!

  2. sangria and candy in the same post?!?! my mouth is watering!

    that beach is gorgeous. definitely better than what we have here on the east coast!

  3. LOVE the pictures and you look so beautiful - glowing!! I want to go to Spain :)

  4. It looks like you had a blast. The beach, candy, drinks, and some silly fun.

  5. Amazing photos! Sounds great to me - and I've got to vouch for Europeans having the best coffee! Try Paris next - amazing!
    Looks like you had a great time!


  6. WOW! this looks amazing!!!!! the colors are so bright and lovely! SWish I could just hop on a plane right now!
    you are so stinkin cute!

  7. How awesome!!! You're adorable! Ha! That old man is the perfect height for you. ;) Holler! Lol. Spain was awesome. Did you see Barcelona much?

  8. Beautiful pictures! It seems to be a wonderful day!


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