Jan 19, 2011

Hot Dog!

I am going to start posting one outfit post a week, I know a lot of you ask me to post more but I think one is enough, and I figure what better day to do it than in the middle of the week!

So here it is, my first ever outfit wednesday.

Skirt: Urban outfitters; Shirt: Vintage ; Tights: Cynthia Rowley

Lesson of the week: Ladies, if you don't own hot rollers, get some, they are god sent.
P.S. 2 followers away from 50! It's almost giveaway time :}
P.S.S Check out the shop, i will also be featured on etsy's featured sellers on Jan 25th!


  1. I LOVE your bracelets!!! You're such a cute. =)

  2. Awesome outfit. I'm digging your mix of bracelets!

  3. you're going to be a featured seller?!? that's awesome!

    hugs, not drugs.

  4. I remember having a D.A.R.E. shirt! Mine was a boring red, white and black one though. Your outfit is cute! I look forward to seeing more outfit posts. Your style is adorbs :D

  5. COOL! love the T, it reminds me of being in school!! New follower to your blog!--found you thru your kind comment on my post @ Thrift Collective mwauh! Thanx--

  6. Such a cute outfit, love it.



  7. Ooh, I love all your bangles! Lovely outfit. Aaand congrats on reaching 50 followers. :D

  8. Hi there, so nice to meet you, Jody here. Love the nubby skirt with the Eighties-style t and the great poses -very Ta Da! Good on you for reaching giveaway status...think i might be there too!

  9. You're so cute!
    I have that exact same shirt from when I was like 10. Love it! :]

  10. You make that D.A.R.E shirt so chic! Very cute.



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