Nov 16, 2010

Updates, Pretty liddo things ....vintage etsy shop

Hello friends! It's been a little while, but I haven't forgotten about my little blog, I have however been focused on other things that may be unfolding in the next month or so. One of those things being, an etsy shop for all my vintage & vintage inspired finds! It's always been a dream of mine to sell the things that I have a huge passion for, so this is the time. For those of you who share my love for anything pre owned and recycled, this will be the place for you. With the help of my trusty assistant, I am putting together quite the collection! The collection contains vintage items from the 70's, 80's and items from the early 90's as well.The name and everything will be put on here when all is done, I don't want to tell all just yet , but I am extremely excited!

Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, let me cover Halloween! We had so much fun, and dressing up was
fun too! Our costumes were an Oompa Loompa & Willy Wonka. Most of my costume was hand made/thrifted as was Alex's. We had a lot of fun with it, and did not have the cliche store bought garbage that they sell nowadays. Everyone was very interested to find out where I got my costume or how I put it together so I figured I would share.

What I wore

Wig was purchased on ebay c/o MegaFancyDress from the UK
White gloves,brown socks -target
Brown turtleneck-thrifted from goodwill
Pants and suspender set handsewn c/o frogsandflowers Shoes- my own , handmade pom-poms with brown yarn (did you know vanna white made her own yarn?) haha

What he wore
Large hat & Blonde wig purchased from halloween store
Floral shirt, oversized scarf, purple blazer and khaki pants all thrifted from goodwill
Cane- old costume- hand me down

Overall the party was great, the costumes came out perfect- even if I did look like a creep haha,
and we had a really fun time putting it all together!


Pretty Liddo Things

I used to take soup & milk in my thermos to school and I adore old ones from the 70's.

Etsy find! You can personalize the fortune too!

I want old cameras so bad!!

Craftypagan-handmade gift tags/holiday cards, absolutely beautiful

Hope you all have a nice day!


  1. OH WOW your Halloween costume is EPIC! Nice job!


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