Oct 26, 2010

Pretty Liddo Things, DIY and grasshoppers

Hello- Happy Tuesday! I know I am usually on a bug kick - but it's a perfect time to brush up on my camera skills- if I only had a macro lens I would really kick up close photography in the butt! I made a new friend- his name- greeny. He's cute and was a great model.

 I am currently trying to make the rest of my costume- I am not making the whole thing but adding trim and making certain parts! The rest was thrifted & ordered on ETSY. I will post pictures after halloween because I don't want to ruin a good surprise. It is very funny.

Also some of my favorite sites/etsy sellers for right now-

Cutest handmade stuffed animals!

Beautiful vintage hand me downs for kids!

Handmade clutches and change purses & clutch bags

My friend Alexandra's vintage clothing site- she has amazing pieces!

Well, that's all for now, I should have some cool DIY stuff from my costume that I will get to posting next week! Busy sewing and learning! BYE!

BY THE WAY- if you don't already have the instagram app for itouch/iphone, I suggest you get it, it's free and a lot of fun to play with- you get great photos and you can mess around with the colors too!


  1. I love your blog!

  2. After reading your most recent post, and how you talked about looking back through the archives, I was curious and took a peek back a ways, and I think it's hilarious that you plug Instagram in this post! I barely remember a time when that app wasn't a part of my daily social media routine!

    It's definitely interesting to go back and see :)



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