Oct 13, 2010

"Jerseylicious" , Charles Junior & co, ...and CUPCAKES.

Happy Wednesday people!

I was at the mall today, and found nothing...Usually I have no problem shopping, I think because the current style of most things is just completely rhinestoned- out I have no urge to shop much in mainstream malls or chain stores...I was looking through purses at Macy's and I am not kidding when I say everything is BEDAZZLED. every purse looks like it fell into a huge tub of glue, and after that, a huge tub of glitter or flashy tacky rhinestones. No wonder I hate shopping at most of those stores, unless you're completely jersey-fied or completely clueless, those styles are not very classy. And don't get me started on ED HARDY.

Trade these:


Vivien Cheng's vintage collection (First two sets of pictures)

I think what needs to be remembered here is that GAWDY is not classy, it's tacky.

For people like me who just aren't a fan of the over priced bejeweled shirts, jewelry and handbags there are plenty of boutiques or vintage shops to check out that you can get a great bargain for a lot of neat one of a kind things!

Some of my favorites include : Goodwill (they also have an online shop for things to bid on) Salvation army, Peachepot Clothier, Orangewhite Chipre(online shop) , and these are just some off the top of my head...You can find antique/vintage type shops in your area, just gotta look for them! There are also a lot of cool second hand shops that you can trade in your clothes and buy things in return like the Buffalo Exchange in NYC.

This is some of the jewelry I got for a bargain at a salvation army, all ranging from 99cents to 3 dollars!

Vintage goodies!

Some photos from today, the weather is amazing!!

And now, Charles & friends

to finalize this blog entry- I know I have been all over the place but bear with me...Alex & I finally made some halloween cupcakes! And they were delicious! Here are some of our designs!

Enjoyed every bite!


  1. Love the purses. Sexellent taste.
    How did you get so close to the squirrels? Nice shots. Eddie will be proud.

  2. i love you, mia. this is a blog actually worth reading..as opposed to some others. sigh.

  3. And why didn't any of those cupcakes make it to 124? Love the photos. Nice work.


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