Sep 30, 2010

Rainy days & 45's

Today is GROSS! it's muggy, and depressing. The whole week has been a wash - literally, everything is soaked! On days like today I enjoy the simple things, listening to records, downloading music, taking photos.... I also had a good start to the day because I won the contest to win the Nicole Atkins vinyl- limited edition 45. I know you are probably thinking- yeah right big deal, but to the person who NEVER wins a thing, it's a huge deal!! I also happen to be a huge fan- so that helps.

amazing. check her out, her new single is also out & free

Some of the music I downloaded today -- The best of the Ronettes, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Dear Hunter, Alanis Morisette (isn't it ironic?) Al Green, & Pink Floyd. What a mix. I also downloaded some Sixpence because I can't get that stupid song "There she goes" out of my silly liddo head.

Pretty liddo rainy things

I even made a new friend- he was caught in the act..his name is Ralph


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