Sep 28, 2010

To be or not to be?

Some things I despise. people who add Z's on the ends of words, ie: lolz or boyz, it's tacky and you don't sound funny or cute- it's just all around wrong. Also , people who find it necessary to spell with upper & lower case lettering off and on, for example "I aM gOinG tO tHe JeRsEy ShoRe w/ MaH bOyz"..get some grammar lessons, and stop upper and lower casing, it's making me dizzy. Among these things I also dislike when people don't use turning signals. Also rainy muggy days like today when I feel like a lousy slug. Of course with everything that is disliked, there are things I also DO LIKE. Love actually.

I love dachshunds. I cannot wait to own a
pup of my own, soon enough it will be so...and his name is already picked out!

Making cupcakes and decorating them!ESPECIALLY for halloween! I love weird looking ones too, they all have a place in my tum.

Leaves changing colors :) With this comes leaving the windows open and that breeze that suits the room - just right. Also can't forget the perfect sweatshirt weather, where you can still get by without a jacket.

Forget banana pancakes, I love strawberries & homemade waffles.
Melts in your mouth like a dream.

Ahh..this brings me to sewing. I am currently learning how to sew..And I love it! I can't wait to start making little sweato-s and shu-ts

My dream house is for sale...For 5 years I drove past this house in awe, and still it is gorgeous! I even went trick or treating on that block just to see what they would give- and just as I suspected, FULL chocolate bars, not the normal mini sized ones your mother gets in bags of 50 at stop n' shop...full chocolate bars.. now that is dedication.

Who doesn't love Cary Grant? Come on!

Finally, last but not least....

LIDDO time! We rented a boat at the Boathouse in central park and had a beautiful day. I highly recommend it to those wanting to do something different and fun, it's out of the ordinary and gives your arms a nice workout.

And of course, my nephews. That goes without saying of course.

Edward & Nikos

and our newest edition:
Andreas :)

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  1. i grew up with a dachshund, i have one now. my brother has one too. they are the best dogs in the world.


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