Dec 10, 2015

Faux Fur & Moto

Black never goes out of style. I love wearing mostly black from head to toe and accenting my outfits with random pops of color or accessories. This faux fur scarf kept me so warm on this chilly day. I can't believe we're already halfway through December. It seems crazy to think how quickly time is flying by, and every holiday season I wish I could slow down time just to enjoy those little moments a bit more. 

The great thing is that once Christmas is actually here, it gives us a chance to really set aside time to see our loved ones, and it forces us to really remember how lucky we are. In my personal experience, this is the best reminder to be grateful for every single day The holidays really give me a chance to reflect on everything I am thankful for, and it helps me appreciate the family that I have, and the people in my life. 

Although sometimes I hate the cold, this time of year always feels the best. There's magic in the air, and people are just different around this time. Everyone seems to remember that there is a lot to be happy about. 

Details:  JS Buckle Booties | Faux Leather Moto | Polka Dot Blouse sold out (similar) 


  1. that faux coyote fur is so pretty! especially great that it's faux. xo


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