May 8, 2015

Behind The Scenes: On My Schwinn

As most of you know I made the cover of Momentum magazine for their spring issue and I couldn't be more excited. Since the cover is now out, I wanted to share some of the photos that weren't included in the magazine, that I love. Ryan and I spent a lot of time driving around and shooting all over NJ, and it was really fun to shoot on location. Here are some of my favorites from behind the scenes. The most hilarious part of this is that we had to shovel snow out of some of these shots, but if you didn't know any better- you'd think it was Spring!

For those of you who asked my bike is a Schwinn Legacy and unfortunately none of the clothing items are still stocked, but here are some similar choices linked below!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of Momentum! For those wondering if you're still looking my issue it's Issue #70.


  1. Great looks. Thanks for sharing.


  2. completamente enamorada de tu bici, las fotos son preciosas

    buen comienzo de semana guapa

  3. these photos are adorable!

    xx nikki


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