Apr 29, 2015

Lone Kimono

Hey guys! It seems like forever since I posted another outfit post, and last week seemed to be taken up by food posts! Funny how I go from no food posts to three in a week-haha, very unintentional too! Last week ended up being super busy because I got to shoot this awesome video for a European cycle company called Monark Karin. I am super excited to share the videos and photos with you guys once they are released! We basically spent the day in Brooklyn, shooting in various locations, and it was a blast. 

The rest of the weekend was spent in the southern part of New Jersey about two hours away watching my boyfriend Ryan race his race-car. It was my first time attending a race and I was  so proud to watch all of his hard work. Their hard work paid off even more because they won first place in their class! I had a proud girlfriend moment and was so glad that I could catch a glimpse of what he loves to do so much. I do regret not bringing my camera though, hopefully I will remember it next time when he races in California! 

So much of this weekend made me realize that chasing your dreams is so imperative to growth. I got to do something I absolutely love on Friday, and on Saturday I got to watch  Ryan do something that he loves to do. Sharing our passions is something that has brought us closer together, and even though we both work our butts off - we know that ultimately the other person understands the dedication that goes into it.

I hope you guys are having a great week- and keep smiling! 


  1. Love the kimono with that graphic shirt. Great look!



  2. love those shoes!

    xx nikki


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