Mar 5, 2015

Back To Basics

The snow literally won't disappear and all I can do at this point is laugh. It's really hard to be "chic in the snow" so today I went for a comfortable outfit so I can go about my business and make it to work. I love the comfort of this outfit, but also the color pop in this tee. It's so soft and perfect for every day. I also can't say enough about these pixie ankle pants. I love the fact that they come in petite because the length is perfect on me!

Not much else to report on today except for this awful weather and slushy roads. I do have one new thing though! I got two new pairs of glasses (this being one of them) and I am so excited to switch it up. I love my cateyes and will forever be the cateye queen but I also wanted more of an everyday pair. Since I am awful at making decisions I couldn't decide between the two pairs that I got. I love them both and they both have different style and thickness in the frame.

Needless to say I am pumped! I'm also joining the iphone 6 family this week. I threw my phone in the washing machine accidentally on NYE so it's time for an upgrade! How are you guys doing? And more importantly how is the weather where you are?

Details: Pixie Ankle Pants via Old Navy (available in petite!) // Perfect V-Neck via Old Navy (this color is only $8!) // Lion Necklace // Hunter Boots // Rings are Vintage // Bowler Hat via ASOS or in red via UO (on sale 29.99)


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