Jan 19, 2015

Making "Me" Time With My Favorite Magazines

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I think the most important thing that happens after the holidays for most of us is figuring out our goals, and redirecting our bad habits. For me, the new year provides a chance for a new set of inspiration and rebalancing my life. I find that a great deal of my inspiration comes right after the holidays and into the new year. I find my inspiration through the things around me, and this includes magazines, books, and of course pop culture. 

For as long as I can remember, I have turned to magazines for instant inspiration and motivation. Don't know what outfit to wear? gotta check my favorite magazines. Lost on what to make for dinner tonight? Quick and easy recipes, are in my favorite magazines. Who's wearing what, and who lost all that weight with a new fitness program...gotta check my magazines! I am pretty old school when it comes to the internet, as funny as that sounds. I would much rather read something and hold it in my hands, rather than browse through my phone or computer.

It's safe to say that this has been something I have done for years. It changed slightly when I started blogging, but overall I still have the same quirks. Two of my favorite magazines are PEOPLE® and PEOPLE StyleWatch®.  In January's edition of PEOPLE® I really loved their recipe section. Not only do they have recipes, they also have a section dedicated to throwing get togethers, and picking out the best decor for your home. These are all things I am always wanting to try, so I love their "Great Ideas" section. 

PEOPLE StyleWatch® is for the blogger in me. Sometimes the internet becomes too overwhelming for me, and I need separate time to devote to staying inspired. I like thinking outside the box and sometimes that includes gaining inspiration through celebrities, and of course seeing what's in right now as far as trends and style setters. This magazine is perfect for me when it comes to style inspiration. They really focus on trends while making sure the prices are perfect for any budget. Their sections help you make the perfect choice, and they collage everything so beautifully. They also spotlight celebrity style (this month is Taylor Swift) and show you how you can mimic specific outfits or trends the celebrity is wearing during certain times. 

For my two magazines I shopped at Walmart, and right now you can save $1 with this digital coupon available 1/14/15-2/16/15 (while supplies last). This coupon includes PEOPLE®, InStyle®, PEOPLE StyleWatch®, All You®, or Real Simple® magazine. 

What do you guys do to stay inspired, or gain any kind of inspiration in your own life? This year is focused around my goals and finding inspiration to make this happen. Making sure I have time to myself is become a number one priority nowadays. This includes making time for fitness, but also taking the time to prioritize my daily to-do's. We all need time to do the things we love, so it's important to make time!


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