Jan 7, 2015

Awards Season & Skinny Cow® Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates

Who doesn't love awards season? Ever since I moved into my own place I have wanted to throw a red carpet party and invite all of my friends. For most girls (bloggers especially) award season is a really fun time to bond with your girlfriends, talk about who is wearing what, and of course to enjoy the ultimate indulgence- chocolate. ENTER: Skinny Cow® Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates.  The velvety chocolate with luscious caramel, turns everyone into a chocolate lover!

My favorite part of award shows is definitely watching the red carpet with all the celebrities. I love scouting the designers, and of course seeing who is wearing what. It's also really fun to catch up with all of your friends and have a girls night. It's the perfect reason to throw a party (as if you need one!)

So how do I plan my perfect red carpet party? 
First, make sure you invite all of your best girlfriends- the more the merrier. 
Next, don't skimp on the goodies, make sure you have enough Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates for everybody at the viewing party!
And last, but not least, make sure you live tweet your thoughts and stay involved in the discussion online! I love reading other people's opinions about the awards show, and it's fun to be in the loop of the latest twitter trends and hot topics! My friends and I usually keep one computer or iPad on to take turns posting our thoughts!

Overall I think the importance of these shows is about bonding with your friends, and enjoying deliciously decadent chocolates. Am I right? What's better than friends, fashion and chocolate? Nothing I tell you! 

What do I love most about awards season? It's about indulging - from fashion, movies or celebrity news to scrumptious eats. This season I'm giving the award for 'Most Indulgent Candy' to Skinny Cow® Chocolate Candies.OMG - yum! Make the most of your awards season, indulge and find happiness in every bite.


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  1. yum!! and only 130 calories!? awesome!

    xx nikki


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