Nov 12, 2014

Drink Recipes : Hoppin' Hot Butterscotch

Hey guys, Happy Humpday! I am so excited to share a funky drink recipe with you guys today. This one is perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert drink, or even on a chilly night with friends. If you love chocolate and butterscotch, this is the drink for you! I originally shared this drink on the Glam Style App, and you can download it now, for free! You can also view it here, in the Thanksgiving hub on Glam.Com. The app shares awesome recipes, tips and a lot more! 

This drink is super easy to make and will really wow your guests. Nothing says Happy Holidays, like a warm cup of chocolate goodness!

In a wide coffee mug, mix schnapps and amaretto. Make hot chocolate as you normally would. Pour hot chocolate mixture into coffee mug. Add Irish cream (optional). Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. ENJOY!


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