Sep 9, 2014

LuLu*s at NY Fashion Week

Today I teamed up with Lulus.Com to show you guys an outfit I wore for Fashion Week this year. Let's talk outfits. What works best for fashion week? When going from one event to the other I think it's important to look at feel amazing! I love sticking to basic colors when I don't know where the night may take me. Black and white are always classic colors that never go out of style. I try to choose items that can be transformed easily with an accessory change, or shoe swap.

This black and white look can easily work for a runway show, and then off to some fancy drinks at night. I usually have a little more edge to my style, but this year I am all about trying new trends. I love these strappy heels & faux leather skirt from Lulu*s. I think this might actually be my first pair of strappy heels as I usually tend to gravitate towards a thicker heel & platform type of shoe. I really love how delicate and classy they are, it really gave me that extra pop of fancy.

I think one of the most important things I try to remember when dressing up for a "fancier" type of event is that it's important to still be who you are. Wear what you love, and more importantly, wear what makes YOU feel beautiful. Maintain your awesome attitude, and feel confident in what you're wearing. Fashion is constantly changing and moving, and the best advice anyone can give you is to stay current, but always remain true to your personal style.


  1. You are so beautiful! This outfit looks stunning on you!

  2. love this! those shoes are too cute!


  3. Gorgeous, that skirt and top...I WANT EM!

  4. You look beautiful! And I love those shoes and I normally don't like strapped shoes AT ALL!


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