Aug 6, 2014

Cyprus Updates 2

Hey everyone! It seems like forever that I have posted, but on vacation, I try to actually focus on being where I am instead of staying current. Mix that with my lack of good wifi, and you will find a formula for my disappearing act. I find myself finding so many things to photograph here that my camera can't seem to capture all the beauty I am seeing with my eyes. I guess that's the importance of memories, you capture life in your mind in different moments and carry it with you as you go.

Most of these photos were taken when I was visiting my Grandmother's village (the first week I came). It's one of those places that I just can't get enough of and the pictures are near and dear to my heart. We are currently staying in a hotel which is right on the beach, and finally I truly feel relaxed. Our trip has been so busy up until this point so I am really excited to finally rest and lay by the beach for the remainder of our time here. Palm trees as far as the eyes can see, sand in my toes and a sun kissed glow on my skin is the perfect remedy for any kind of funk I was feeling back in NJ. I truly feel blessed and happy to be able to enjoy this peace and relaxation.

 Happy Wednesday everyone! xo

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