Jul 15, 2014

The Beauty In Wanderlust

For as long as I can remember my parents have always instilled traveling in my heart and soul. Being a first generation Greek American is something I have always been extremely proud of. My parents both moved here in their twenties, both not knowing the language, and both extremely ready for a new life. I spent a few of my younger years in Cyprus with my family, so Europe always felt like home to me. I have never been afraid of branching outside of my comfort zone, and one of the best trips I have had to date was my backpacking trip when I finished college in 2009.

This post comes at a perfect time considering I am leaving for the motherland (Cyprus) next week, and I can't wait to do some more exploring on my own.

Traveling is something that can be instilled in you as a young child. I remember my parents telling me about all the places they had seen, and how they grew up and it all enticed me. I wanted to travel the world (and still do). It's something I yearn for. I love learning about cultures, traditions, and new places. I thank my parents for allowing me to explore at a young age. Spending some of my younger years in another country taught me so much more than they will ever know.
What makes me appreciate them the most is how they've always let me follow my heart. I have always been impulsive, sometimes irrational in how I plan things or when I decide I want to do things. They've never told me I shouldn't. They've always motivated me to see what I want to see and enjoy any kind of traveling I can now that I'm young. I am so appreciative of having that support from a young age because I don't know if I would love traveling as much if I hadn't.
I owe my parents so much, but most importantly I owe them for molding me into a person who is tolerant of others. A person who wants to learn about culture, and different customs in different countries. A person who isn't satisfied with being mediocre. They have brought me up with passion, and adventure in my soul.
Is there something you feel you learned because of your parents? Has traveling always been a part of your life, if so how has it changed you?
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  1. hi maria!
    great post. i'm also a travel nut with such a curiosity and appreciation for other cultures. our most recent trip was to greece (last fall) and it was one of the most incredible travel experiences i've had so far. looking forward to reading about cyprus!
    -Lisa (we met at Vin's house!) :)

  2. Hi Maria!

    It's been a while since I've been in the blogosphere, but it was cool to see this post because I actually just got back from being in France for three weeks. I am obsessed with travel and other cultures, especially the French culture, and I have done some extensive traveling (lived in Belgium for a year). But this most recent trip, I was overwhelmed with the inspiration that I felt from being surrounded by art and nature and beauty. In fact, I will be returning to my blog with a post focused on that inspiration.

    Have a beautiful trip and enjoy every moment!



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