Jun 12, 2014

Starting Out : My Journey Of Moving Into My Own Place

A year ago I can honestly say I did not envision my life to be the way it is now. You take steps and chances throughout your journey wondering where they'll lead you, not knowing all the while that things will always end up as they should. Last year into this year has been a year full of leaps and changes that have made me feel stronger, and wiser as the years progress.

Change is good.

After graduating college for the second time, I knew I wanted to move into my own place. Moving on your own can be extremely intimidating, even scary at some points. I wondered how I would feel, if I would get lonely or overwhelmed by responsibility, or if I would end up moving back home because  I would change my mind. I knew it was something I wanted, and I knew that ultimately, I could handle anything thrown my way. 


Responsibility is a funny thing. It seems so overwhelming when you step back and think about every task you need to do, but once you get into a routine, everything seems to come so easy. The most important thing you need to remember is that everything will happen in due time. 

I moved into my place in late November and I remember instantly feeling stressed to complete every single thing that needed to get done. I rushed around trying to find help to do every job, tried to buy all the furniture in one week, and to make matters even more stressful, I bought my dog Oliver about two weeks before I actually moved. There was so much going on during this time, but it all just worked out so perfectly.

I realized that everything will happen over time, and clearly homes aren't decorated in a day. Just like anything in life, every day is one step closer to fixing up my little place, and making it feel more like home.
I think the hardest thing I have faced so far is making sure I allot enough time to do things around the house that need to get done. Prioritizing can be tough when taking care of a place by yourself, but it's important to stay organized. I make a list of things that need to get done every week, and seek out help if I need to, the easiest way to accomplish anything is to have the right tools, and the right people to help! I think that's the greatest thing I have learned during this process. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
During these stressful times I can honestly say that my parents have been the biggest supporters of my journey. They helped me get to where I am today by being supportive, helping me feel settled in my new place, and more importantly, just being there for me. It's important to have dreams, and aspirations, but what's more important is having those who believe in you stand by your side while you chase those dreams. I am lucky to have two people who will literally do anything for me, at any time. It's also nice to have someone to run to when you have questions or need help, we all need someone to lean on, right? 

I think having my parents as my mentors has guided me throughout my life thus far and has inspired me to do my best in whatever it is I choose to do. They've been really supportive throughout this whole process, and continue to be extremely positive about anything I decide to do.Without them, I would not be in the state that I am in. Everything is coming together quite nicely, and day by day I feel more relaxed about life.

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.


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  1. Honestly? I really appreciate this post. Beeing young, I constantly think about the future and sometimes it overwhelms me. It's so awful when I hear from all around me, how hard it's going to be to live alone but reading your post is a nice fresh perspective. Thanks alot :) xx

  2. Even now in my 3 place I've lived as an adult it's scary, and takes time for everything to come together. I keep a wunderlist on my phone of everything that needs to get done at my house.

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  3. i love this! moving out on your own is definitely hard but so worth it :)


  4. Hi Maria!

    It is nice to live alone and spend time on own where no one bothers. I love your perspective post. Thank you for sharing.




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