Jun 5, 2014

Marshalls Giveaway Winners : Shopping Spree

Hey guys! I am finally posting the giveaway shopping spree that I split between two readers! Since this was a local challenge, I contacted Marshalls about splitting the gift card between two people so that way I could enjoy taking someone shopping in real life, while also sending a reader a gift card who can also enjoy a shopping trip (just not with me there). Olivia and Harriet were my winners and I had such a blast helping them pick out summer trends that fit their personal style, but also helping them branch out and try things they normally wouldn't. Here are some photos from our shopping trip, and I have also included some of Olivia's finds as well.

I really loved the experience of shopping with someone, and showing them different variations and outfits that can really bring out their best features.  Harriet was open to trying different things, but still wanted to stay true to her personal style. Her style is very classic, and chic. She usually loves neutral colors but when we went shopping she was open to trying on brighter items and things that she normally would not pick out for herself. Overall we stayed true to her classic style, but I think what changed the most was her willingness to embrace current trends.
I had Harriet try on a lot of things that she can wear in her everyday work/family life and I spruced those neutral outfits up with smaller accessories. I also picked out some beachwear/travel outfits for her summer vacations. She tried on different patterns and textures which gave us a variety of items to mix and match.

How cute is that white dress? Perfect for a summer party or event! I also love the reverse buttons on that blouse, paired with a striped maxi skirt, and you really can't go wrong.

It was fun working with two different types of style. Olivia's style is very eccentric, bright, and unique. She loves color, and always has a statement necklace matching every outfit she owns. When discussing with her what she wanted to purchase I suggested she get some items that stay true to her style, but also to try some things she is interested in, but never has before. I really love her picks and since our styles are similar , I really wish I could have gone shopping with her too, but maybe one day :)

I really love the patterns she picked out, and the embroidery in that flowing tank! How cute right? To see the rest of the outfits Olivia picked out, check out her blog post, here


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