May 12, 2014

Geometrics & Cut Outs

WHO AM I? I know you're probably thinking that after seeing a print this busy on a top worn by me. I am branching out to new things and more than ever I am open to different colors, patterns and cuts. I think as you get older you start experimenting more with your style. Some people stay the same, I choose to switch it up every season depending on how I feel about certain trends, and how I think they match up to my personal style.

Summer for me means lots of high waisted shorts. Apparently it's supposed to be the worst summer in hundreds of years, so that's something I am NOT looking forward to. Worst winter, worst summer, could it get any worse? Regardless of what's to come I am finally in a place where I am really motivated and I feel really inspired for the future. I think the Winter sucked some of the life out of me, but I am happy to say I am back and feeling better than ever. 

Hope you guys had a good weekend, and here's to an even better week!

Shirt // Courtesy of SheInside , Shorts // Urban Outfitters , Wedges (similar) // Courtesy of Lulus 


  1. I love those shorts! So cute! And oh no, I don't think I could handle a super hot Summer, but I guess we'll just have to deal

  2. My goodness, that shirt. So bright and happy! Who said it's supposed to be the worst summer? <.< I didn't hear that. Is it going to be bad as in cold and wet or hot and dry?

  3. love those sandals! and those shorts are perfect!


  4. What a super cute summer outfit! Loving that top. Have a great week, Maria :)


  5. the pattern of that blouse is so pretty and summery! love it! and your shorts are amazing!!

  6. I love the bright patterned shirt on you! Super summery and fun. Love you sis. xoxo

  7. Love the outfit! Love the fact that the wedges bring out the pink colours in the top. :)

  8. You look adorbs as usual. I'm pretty obsessed with this whole outfit. And your hair is getting so LONG!

  9. This outfit is gorgeous. Your shoes add such a nice pop of red - my favourite colour!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  10. HOLY. SHIT. So hot! I love this look so much and your legs are AMAZING! You are beautiful my dear and I love you in some bright colors, can't wait to wear my high waisted shorts too!

  11. Hey, I recognize the house behind you. Did your parents end up buying it after all? Or do you just sneak across when nobody is around? Who lives there now, anyway? Miss your family a ton!


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