Apr 2, 2014

Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Remember how I said that yesterday was absolutely beautiful out? Well yeah, today is non stop rain and blah-ness. Any nice day for me is pretty much an excuse to throw on some shorts and a crop and tackle my day.

It's funny how over time things change, and so does confidence. I've never been the girl that was super confident with herself. I know that sounds crazy considering I post tons of photos of myself on this blog, but it's true. Confidence doesn't come easy for me. Lately I have been feeling like a new mindset is setting in and I am finally letting go of the things that once held me back.

Come July it will be one full year of me working out and eating clean. I can finally say I feel comfortable in my own skin. I know that working out isn't the main component, but it's such an important part of my daily life now. It's true what people say about it being a domino effect in the sense that it's an all around mood and life booster. You eat healthy, thus you feel great, you workout and thus you're seeing positive changes and results to your body.

I can honestly say I have never felt better, and I am so excited to see my gains a few months from now when my one year "workout" anniversary hits.

Is there anything that you guys do to feel better about yourself, or something that makes you feel amazing when you're done? I think it's important for everyone to have something that makes their lives significantly happier in a lot of ways. It's always important to have goals, hobbies and most importantly, to have aspirations to become a better you.

Outfit Details : Shorts// Ae , Vest // Courtesy of Marshalls , Boots // Courtesy of Minnetonka
Top // Courtesy of Lulus , Ikon Necklace // Gift from Aisling Stern


  1. First off, you look absolutely gorgeous and I wish I had the balls to wear crop tops. I just feel so absurdly and unnecessarily shy. I grabbed a cute crop from H&M the other day, telling myself I'd totally wear it, but as I approached the line I put it back. haha
    But anyway, as far as working out: when I am working out daily, that's when I feel the best. I think better, I feel more energized, I love myself more. I know that last one sounds crazy, but I've gone periods where I wear myself out of exercising, and during that time I just feel lazy and tired, even on days where I didn't do much--I feel blah. My spirits just really become elevated when I'm doing something that makes me look in a mirror and feel proud that I'm taking care of my body and yes, that I can see results in that fact.

  2. Great look! It has a good festival vibe.

    Priscilla Ivette

  3. those boots are so awesome! and you look great lady-- all your hard work paid off!




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