Apr 8, 2014

Be Still My Heart

Good morning everyone! It went from rainy to sunny in about ten minutes this morning, which was the perfect way to wake up. With the Spring fast approaching I can't help but think about the things I want to do this summer, and how much better everything is when the weather is nice. My family spends so much time outside and I really look forward to that every Spring before summer hits. I also just booked my Cyprus trip! I can't wait to see my family, I am literally over the moon excited!

Details : Vest // UO , Pants & Bracelets // Nordstrom , Ring // Nylon Shop 
 Crop Tank & Necklace // AEBooties (ON SALE) // Courtesy of Lulus 

I've been guilty of not carrying my camera around nearly as much as I should lately. That's what happens when you get caught up in living life, you kind of just forget. I'm already pretty attached to my phone so I guess I forget the camera since everything is basically at my fingertips. 

I have some great things popping up here on the blog over the next few months. I will be restocking the Etsy shop with summer gear, and hopefully adding more healthy recipes and some workout posts into the mix. I just started a new routine that I love and I am really putting all of my efforts into being healthy. I am going to be including more of my fitness stuff into this blog because it's become a huge part of my daily life and I feel like it will motivate and help a lot of people who could use that extra push like I did a year ago. 


  1. So true - the weather makes such a difference to everything!
    Your outfit is so cute, these boots are perfect!

    Have a great day,

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  3. Great photos, love you bracelets!


  4. Loving everybody that can pull off this pants trend! We just got some in at work but I'm not yet brave enough to try 'em on!

    Have a good day!

  5. love those booties!




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