Mar 13, 2014

Oil Pulling With Little Tree

I know that oil pulling has been a HUGE topic around the web lately, so I wanted to discuss it from a personal standpoint myself, and give my take on it. I first read this article that was sent to me on facebook and I was confused and perplexed. I thought to myself-- Sure I have used coconut oil plenty of times. I use it to cook all of my vegetables, I also use it to moisturize my skin, but swishing it around in my mouth? I don't really know about that....

Either way, I wanted to give it a try, because I am a curious person who loves any natural remedies for whitening teeth, freshening breath, etc. 

Anyway. So I did it. I put a teaspoon in my mouth, swished it around and sat on the couch for twenty minutes. I first felt a little weird having this consistency in my mouth, but you get used to it, and there is no overpowering flavor anyway, so it's almost like putting water in your mouth and moving it around.

I used Organic expeller pressed coconut oil, which comes in a thicker consistency and loosens once it is heated. I didn't bother heating it as it slowly melted on its own. 

My results ?  My teeth look so much whiter! After spitting it out I noticed my breath is naturally pleasant too. 

Some of the other health benefits include:
_ Prevents bad breath
_ Strengthens teeth
_ Increases oral health
_ Relieves headaches
_ Reduces insomnia
_ Supports Kidney Function
_ Strengthens gums & jaw

I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed this experience, and I plan on doing it again. Do you plan on trying it out?


  1. I read that same post from Facebook and tried it too! Haha, I'm also curious and love natural remedies. I had the same experience as you and I am thinking about making it part of my morning routine.

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  2. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, and I'm really happy with the results.

  3. I've seen a few people mention oil pulling, but I haven't actually found out what it is until now. I will give it a try, but I might need to use a different oil because coconut oil is so expensive.

  4. My boyfriend's mom started doing this a couple years ago and we thought she was crazy, lol. But it seems to really make a difference! Glad you found it to be a fun, worthwhile experiment :)


  5. I never heard of this! I know how popular coconut oil is and it's many uses, but not this. Wow. So, it seemed to work pretty well for teeth whitening? Hmmm....maybe I should try it, although, it seems so weird to have that type of consistency in your mouth!

    Stephanie :)

  6. Last week I came across an article about oil pulling (never heard about it before). It sounded too good to be true so I spoke with my trusted health coach and he swore by it (he uses coconut oil). After a couple clicks through Amazon Prime I purchased Sesame Oil mainly because it's a cheaper alternative to coconut oil and not for any other reason. Today is Day One and after a 20 minute swish session in the shower this morning my mouth felt great, teeth appear to be whiter and my mother was kind enough to confirm my breath smelt pleasant too. So far so good! I have an ever nagging canker sore problem and doctors have basically told me to use over the counter stuff (horrible), oral topical steroids prescription (relieves pain and reduces duration but this is not a solution and I'm sure can't be good for me), or mix a mylanta and benadryl concoction (have yet to try but again not a real remedy). My hope is that my persistent canker sore problem is resolved by oil pulling. I'll stick to it and will post my results in a few weeks.

  7. I love oil pulling. I actually got strep a while back and started oil pulling 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) and my strep healed so much faster because it. Coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial, and helps kills viruses and germs.

  8. I tried this a couple of times when I lived in Oregon but it's been years. Time to try it out again! xo

  9. funny that i read this, i am actually going to start this tomorrow morning. excited to see the results...and the many benefits!! also curious to see if i can last the 20 minutes...

  10. Hello Maria!

    Yes, I'd love to try it. Thank you for sharing the good post. :)



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