Mar 7, 2014

Friday's Vintage Finds

Hey guys! It's FRIIIIIDAAAY and that means the weekend is upon us. I wanted to share some awesome finds today that are inspiring me today. All of these items can be found on quicksales and  I had fun browsing through their vintage inventory. The website was actually introduced to me by some family members I have that live in Australia. They use the site themselves and suggested I take a peek to see what kind of vintage they have on the other side of the world. 

I have been really inspired lately to check out new pieces for my place, and a vintage radio and cocktail cart are definitely on my list of wants. I also love their vintage totes and this sweet wall clock. The possibilities are endless so I know that means I have some serious shopping to do in the upcoming weeks ahead. I'm thinking flea markets, and pretty much anywhere that sells pre loved and antique items.

Where do you guys search for vintage finds? 

This post was in collaboration with Quicksales. Thank you for supporting companies that support little tree!


  1. Ooh! That cocktail cart is so fun! That would go perfect in my kitchen (even though bar carts should really be in another room, ha ha)

  2. Ah these find are brill! I'd love to find the perfect vintage radio. I think getting an authentic one would be so much better than an modern expensive vintage style version. I can't wait till summer when the car boots here start back up. The hunt for vintage will be back on then!

  3. Wow, such amazing finds! That vintage radio is especially neat. Have a great weekend, Maria! xo


  4. that clock is awesome! so unique! i'll have to check out the site!


  5. Omg that brown bag at the top!! Sooo pretty.

    xo Ashley

  6. My husbands grandparents have given us vintage cookie cutters in the past few years. I have received vintage jewelry from my fathers parents and overall collectors or yard sales have good deals (sometimes) cute finds. Rachel xo


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