Dec 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Details: Christmas Shirt // Courtesy of Skip N' Whistle , Skirt/Tights/Cardigan/Jacket // Urban Outfitters, Hat // Target , Bandera Boot // Courtesy of Minnetonka Moccasin

Around the holidays I can't think of a better getup than a Christmas sweater, and in this case, a Christmas Tee! I haven't really taken this shirt off, and since things have been so hectic it's been my go-to piece for layering. From now until December 25th, you can get 20% off your Christmas tee from Skip N' Whistle with code SANTA at checkout.

We had a pretty snowy weekend, and I am not complaining at all! Although it was cold, and pretty annoying to drive in, it was nice being all cooped up inside the house, baking cookies and lounging on the couch watching 'How I Met Your Mother'. 

Sometimes we need days of doing nothing to recuperate for all the busy, crazy days. I never feel like I have enough time for anything, so being stuck inside forces me to do things I put off. (Ie: cleaning, organizing, etc). We are actually expecting more snow tomorrow, so that should be interesting considering everything is currently covered with a sheet of ice.

My nephews have their Christmas plays at preschool this week and I am so excited to watch them go on stage for the first time. The holidays are such a great time of the year, but they come and go so fast, it's almost sad how every year I tell myself to enjoy them, and every year I have no idea where the time goes. :Sigh: Does anyone else feel this way too? 

I wish there was a fun holiday every month that we could get excited about...It would make everything less stressful and more exciting! Hope you guys are having a great Monday, I will be posting a recipe later on this week, so stay tuned! I also have some awesome holiday posts lined up which I can't wait to share!


  1. Love your outfit! That Christmas tee and those leggings and hat are awesome! I love everything together:) I agree that we need a fun holiday to look forward to every month:)

  2. What a perfect, cozy Winter outfit! Loving the print on your sweater and the puppy is adorable :)


  3. I just love that sweater!! And puppy is the cutestttt!!!! :D

  4. Cute outfits (you and your pup)!!

  5. Oh, snow and puppy dogs -- nothing better!
    I love festive holiday clothes as well, I tend to wear them until I simply can't anymore.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  6. We drove around in Morristown, NJ during the snowfall and saw a few accidents! We didn't slide or anything though and it was pretty to watch the streets covered in snow! Love your outfit!

    1. thats so close to my house! awesome! glad you guys are okay!

  7. Your Christmas t-shirt is awesome. You look so adorable. The mix of prints in this outfit look great and you look nice and cozy too.

  8. A holiday a month would be so perfect/fun. I love the lighting in these photos, it's really beautiful!

  9. Love your Skip N' Whistle t-shirt. The hubs has one of their sweaters in his Christmas wishlist! I'm also in for your one fun holiday every month proposal! :)

  10. SO cute. I love their stuff. You look so Christmassy, I can hardly stand it! :)

    xox Sammi

  11. the perfect winter outfit! and what a cute pup



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