Oct 31, 2013

Everyday Makeup Products & The Prettiest Makeup Bag

Hey guys, and Happy Halloween! I am super excited to share some of my favorite products with you guys on the blog today. I just recently got some new stuff (and an awesome new makeup bag) that I've been using and I am really happy with how the results have been so it's something I have wanted to talk about for quite a while now.

Before I go into detail about the products I have been using, can we please talk about how awesome this handmade makeup bag is? Kusi Life was nice enough to send me one to review, and since I already wanted to discuss some products, I figured it would be a perfect time. I really like this embroidered makeup bag for a few reasons. The main reasons being that it's colorful and fits a lot of different items in it! I also love that the item is handmade using recycled materials and that each piece is unique and different. Something I also want to note is that they contribute some of their money back through charitable contributions in the Peruvian community. Any company that gives back, is a company I want to support.

Now onto makeup! So for those of you who don't know, I was having a really hard time with my skin over the past few months. I was having more breakouts, and not really feeling like my makeup was covering up what I needed it to. A few weeks ago I went to the makeup counter at Sephora and spoke to one of the assistants there about some new products and what I should be using. Since they normally try to push products on you, I wanted her to try them on me first before I spent a whole lot of cash for things that didn't work.

The first thing I was doing wrong, was not putting SPF lotion on my face every day. This sephora brand lotion is awesome because it's matte and fights acne at the same time as it hydrates your skin. I also decided to invest in a primer. (Sidenote: I was never one to want to cake my face with a million things, I never wanted to feel like a clown, so I mostly stayed away from products because a) I didn't know how to use them and b) I didn't want to clog my pores. ) Anyway, I ended up going with this mattifying primer by Cover FX which also has acne fighting ingredients in it. The last product I decided to get was some good foundation. I had never used foundation before, and assumed they were all created equal. Which in my head means = thick, creamy and obvious looking. WRONG! This stuff by Urban Decay is awesome! It's lightweight, and blends perfectly to my skin.You'll have to figure out what shade works for you but I highly recommend going into the store and having the makeup consultant try it out for you, I never would've been able to decide which color suited me properly without her help.

I hope this helped some of you out, I am happy to report that my skin is looking so much better, and my skin is finally starting to even out. I will be doing more posts about beauty products as time goes on, and I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my every day routine!


  1. Ooooh thanks for the moisturizer tip! I am also having so many breakouts lately, and I'm freaking out since I'm getting married in December and don't want my face to resemble popcorn.. :(

  2. I'm terrible at moisturizing! When I do, I use pure coconut oil and it's amazing! But I know I need an SPF, too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have to really be careful with what I put on my skin too - I break out so easily

  4. that bag is so precious!



  5. The Dior mascara is a complete miracle. A little pricey, but lasts a while! Also, cute bag!



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