Aug 1, 2013

Packing For TXSC Prom With Lulus.Com

If you haven't already noticed by my a million mentions, I leave for Texas Style Council today. I hate hate hate hate packing with a passion so making sure I have all of the necessary items is extremely annoying and frustrating. The past month of planning has lead to extreme chaos around here, and a lot of procrastination, which we all know, doesn't help the situation. Luckily enough Lulu's has some of the the best clothes around, so I was lucky enough to pick a whole outfit from them to style for my prom wear. 

I knew I wanted a pretty cocktail dress, but I also knew I wanted it to be simple, and classy. I stumbled upon this beauty on their site, and absolutely fell in love with this cute backless dress. It's the exact dress I have been looking for and picturing in my head so I knew it was the one I wanted immediately. Next of course, come the shoes...I made the mistake of wearing litas last year and unfortunately after walking the streets of Austin and singing karaoke all night, my feet hurt and so did my pride. I went with these lace up booties this time, because they're not too high, and wedges are a woman's best friend. What's next? Accessories of course! I must admit, I am pretty boring when it comes to jewelry, I love my vintage rings but I hardly step it up in the necklace department. I loved the brightness of this necklace and I know it's going to give the outfit a really nice pop of color. Speaking of color, how awesome is this satchel

all items courtesy of Lulus

Are you attending TXSC? If so what are you wearing? If you're not quite sure yet, you're in for a little treat. Lulu's is offering Little Tree readers 15% off your total purchase with code: TXPACKING. This code will work from August 1st- August 4th for US and Canada orders only. Even if you're not coming, it's the perfect chance to stock up on some fall items! Hope you guys have a great week and as you read this, Lauren and I are probably frantically putting our things together and heading on a plane to Texas. "The stars at night, are big and bright......." Also beware if you click that link, it WILL bring you to a youtube video of Pee Wee Herman.

Anyway! Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Really cool! I love so much the lace dress (really sassy :) ) and the jewels !


  2. I HATE packing too. Whether it's for a weekend or for a month, I'm sooo bad at it it hurts!

    Loving that dress! :)

  3. OMG!Love the dress and the bag!!

    Natalia xo

  4. I love LuLu's! I've been eying up that necklace for awhile now. This is a gorgeous outfit- have a wonderful time!

  5. Adorable outfit. :) Hope you have a blast in Texas!

  6. Packing is the hardest and worst part of any trip! We hope that you have a good trip and arrive/return safely.


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