Aug 22, 2013

Back To Basics

Details: Shorts & Belt // Urban Outfitters, Necklace // C/o Moorea (during txsc)
Shoes // Chuck Taylors , White Tee // Delias , Rings (not pictured)  // Vintage
Well first time for everything...I don't think I have ever worn any kind of sneakers in an outfit before. I love these shoes. They are probably my go-to when I am just hanging out and want a cute comfy addition to my outfit. I love dressing up, but dressing down in this heat is easier until it gets cooler at night. I save the dresses for going out, and rock the ripped shorts most of my days. This week has been pretty busy to say the least...Between working all week & working out, I find myself completely dead by the time I get home. It's worth it, but it's definitely not easy to do both and still manage to blog and keep my sanity.
This morning was the first time I went to the gym early. I got there at 5am and it's the best feeling you know you can choose any machine in the whole place.I must say though it's weird driving to the gym when it's still dark out. I am hoping to write some posts on my progress so far for those of you who have asked, and I hope it can inspire you to do the same and share your story. I went from almost a year of light physical activity (walking through NYC), to now going to the gym almost 6 days a week, so it's definitely a drastic change for me.
My favorite thing about getting back into shape is being able to fit into things that were feeling a little snug. Those jeans on the top shelf that I wanted to forget about finally fit! I started this whole clean eating/fitness routine not because I wanted to lose a ton of weight, but because I really wanted to feel good and healthy again. I never had the time to do it, and now I can finally fit it into my schedule.. I'm excited to include these posts into my weekly postings, and I really think it will be beneficial for those who are just starting out, like me! I am learning as I go, so it would be great to hear any feedback you have as well. *Disclaimer* My blog is in no way going to become a fitness/food blog so don't worry! Just want to include more of my daily life in my posts :)
Have a great Thursday everybody! xo


  1. <3 You rock that casual look :) Love your necklace too, Moorea has such lovely stuff. I've been trying to get into healthier habits lately too, for the same reasons, to feel better, not lose weight! It's working!

  2. You look adorable, and you inspire me!! I mostly just want to feel good too, rather than lose a ton of weight.

    xox Sammi

  3. You look super cute! Love the shorts. It definitely feels good to get in shape! Congrats :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  4. You look lovely!

    Well done on your progress so far, I joined the gym as I felt exactly the same, so much of a difference!

    Hmm maybe...

  5. Congrats at being so dedicated at the gym- no small feat! Glad you've been feeling healthier :) Love the outfit here too- the print on the shorts is great! xo


  6. Well congrats on feeling so good and healthy! That is wonderful. Also, I love that necklace.

  7. Congrats on getting into shape! I love that feeling! And I love outfits that include the basics sometimes, love your sneakers!

  8. Yay for getting healthy and in shape! It has been the weirdest experience for me gaining consistent weight and slowly watching nothing fit with this pregnancy. I will definitely be getting back to working out as soon as baby girl is born! xoxo

  9. This is such a simple, but perfect summer outfit! Totally love it!


  10. I love this outfit. It's perfect for summer, and I'm a bit converse obsessed.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  11. I love your blog already, but I'm excited to hear a little more fitness/daily life being intergrated as well. You're motivating me to get up earlier, that's for sure!


  12. I love the sneakers! I always have good intentions of getting to the gym early but it never happens. I always end up working out at night.

    xo Ashley

  13. I love to mix sneakers with everything! They are my prefered shoes of all time :)
    Sofia G

  14. This outfit is so cute. Definitely loving the wash of those cutoffs & the sneakers! I was such a Chuck's girl in middle school & then again, wearing them with dresses, when I was a little older. They made me feel so cool haha.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  15. love your take on this classic look!!


  16. Usually I don't like sneakers with much but with this they don't stick out too much and go with the cute casual vibe! Might as well wear the basics while it's sunny enough to! Love the necklace.


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