Jul 24, 2013

Perfect Floral Skinnies

Details: Floral Skinny Makers Jeans // Courtesy of PB&J Shop 
Shirt // F21, Sandals (similar) // Courtesy of Blowfish Shoes

I know what you're thinking, jeans in the summer??! Honestly, it's pretty hot around these parts, but on those somewhat chilly/rainy days, an outfit like this comes in handy. I am really looking forward to the fall, I know we all dream of summer, but there are so many things about the fall weather that I long for, especially when the humidity in NJ is too much. These jeans are the perfect summer transition into fall. I have wanted floral skinnies for as long as I can remember, and these fit just right. Since I am shorter than the average woman, I usually cuff my jeans so they don't hang too long at the bottom, these look even better when they are cuffed with a pair of heels, and I can't wait to wear them with a pair of high boots this fall.

It's been a crazy summer already, and it's shocking to me that next week is August already. Next Thursday Lauren and I leave for Texas again for our second year attending TXSC. I can't wait to see all my blog girls and have some serious "blog conference" time.  Are any of you attending? If so I would love to meet you! Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. I really love those shoes! x


  2. Can't believe TxSC is so soon! Let's hope for a little less rain this year, eh? Haha! <33333

  3. Oh I love those jeans. I've been eying some floral jeans as well, but pants are tough for me to find! Isn't it crazy how fast summer is going by this year?

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Your shoes are so pretty. I love the fringed t-shirt!

  5. Wow they really are perfect! Such a pretty shade!

  6. Woww! love your style!!, cute blog! <3


  7. love shirts with fringe! and it looks great with the floral pants.



  8. love that top. it's super fun! and i really hope one year i can make it out to TXSC. we would have so much fun!

  9. I've always liked these fringe tops. You look great in this one and the floral jeans are really fun too. I am looking forward to fall as well as it's my favorite season. Living in LA, I don't get experience the true fall that other states have (sigh) but I love the whole vibe of fall with the holidays and colors and food.

  10. I love those floral jeans! I've been wanting a pair for a long time but haven't found any I like. Seeing these, I might have to go searching again


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