Jul 30, 2013

My Day With Minnetonka!

So last week when I was in Minnesota (almost two weeks ago now) I had the honor of being the first blogger to set foot in the Minnetonka Headquarters. I visited with my sister (who was equally excited) and we spent a few hours there talking and getting the grand tour. Not only have I been a huge fan of them for a long time, but we have also worked together on numerous occasions, and I really value the relationship we have built. It was really great to meet all of these beautiful people in person, and really sit and talk about where the company is going for the next few years. It was even cool to meet Marit (she runs their social media) because we have "talked" for almost two years through email! The afternoon was filled with chats about product development, patterns, textures, and I even got to preview the fall line which was pretty cool. It truly was a great experience, and I feel like I learned so much about their company. If you don't know how the mocs are made watch this video, it's pretty spectacular.

My favorite part of the day was being able to speak to everyone about the company, and meeting some of the people who make all of the magic happen. One of the women I was lucky to meet is named Jori Miller. She is the fourth generation who joined the company and she really gave us insight on how everything has come together over the past few years. She also gave us a tour of the warehouse, and all of the shipping and packing areas, which was so interesting. It's amazing to see how everything works behind the scenes. Jori filled us in on the true history of the company, that truly made me love and appreciate their products even more.

The staff at Minnetonka was extremely generous and sweet to my sister and I when we visited. I am happy to have built such a great relationship with a company that believes in staying true to themselves, and also staying true to their products.


  1. Wow! What an experience. All of these shoes are beautiful. The little booties behind you in one of the pictures are probably my fave though.

  2. What a great recap! And such pretty designs and colors too. I'm kind of liking the light grey pair in the second to last pic. :)

  3. I love all those bright colours, must have been fab to be first ones in the store too! Everything looks super comfy, urg why don't they exist here in the UK!

    The Little Things

  4. Sounds like your visit was a blast! How cool that you were able to meet the folks behind such a cool company!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. Sounds like it was an amazing and unique opportunity. I love the pictures!

  6. What an awesome experience! I would have died being around all those Minnetonkas!

  7. That is so awesome!! I loved reading about the history~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  8. Minnetonka is such a GREAT company :) And look at all the amazing shoes!! You're a lucky girl. That's like being in heaven.

    xo Ashley

  9. oh my gosh this is sooo cool! plus also a great reminder that i need to replace my minnetonkas with a new pairs. both my moccs and the moccasin ankle boots i had are both sadly dead. but i did get everyday use out of them in college ahhaa. it's just about time.

    at this volume


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