May 2, 2013

Colors Chase The Sun

Some days when I get home the sun is just perfect and that's probably my favorite time to take outfit shots. There's something about natural sunlight that just makes pictures illuminate, it never gets old for me. My absence this week is due in part to schoolwork and life just being way too busy. I have so many things to get done in the next few weeks and they keep piling on top of each other which isn't helping at all. I know they say "do one at a time" but what if there's like 50 after that? Then what? I am dreaming of summer days and nights where I can just relax and have no worries on my mind.

The projects we have are pretty interesting actually, even though they are a lot of work, they're still pretty enjoyable. The problem is they're all due at the same time, which kinda takes the fun out of them. In other news, I actually just accepted a part time job with Fashion Snoops , so I will be working from home for them over the summer, and still keeping my job at the hospital. Between those two jobs, and selling vintage I think I am going to be a very busy girl regardless, but it'll be a different kind of busy, the kind that isn't stressful. With graduation a mere 3 weeks away I am anticipating it with my whole heart, and can't wait for the next few months to follow.

I hope you guys have a great week! XO

Tank / Gap , Skirt & Glasses / Lulu's , Horse Bolo Tie / Lune Vintage , Hat / UO 
Shoes / Courtesy of Blowfish


  1. So pretty, and you're right - the sunlight in these is so lovely. I love that skirt! I have the same problem with focusing on one thing at a time, especially when I know there are 20 other things that need my attention. I tend to get very overwhelmed. Sounds like you'll be a busy girl this summer, but a more manageable busy. :)

    xox Sammi

  2. What a perfect sunny outfit! The hat is lovely and the polka dots are so cute :)


  3. SO proud of you that you're graduating in 3 weeks sis! And the sunlight looks beautiful on you. xo

  4. i am right there with you - i love natural lighting, and these pictures turned out beautifully! love this outfit, too, of course.:)

  5. The lighting is so ethereal in these :) Also, I love love love your skirt, so Lolita-esque :)

  6. Such a super lovely outfit! Adore the shoes! :) x

  7. such a pretty space! found you via Falling for Friday. Love your cute look!
    following you know and really looking forward reading more!
    greetings from Europe, noni

  8. Lovely photos! I adore the polka dots mixed together and your hat is adorable.
    Your blog is lovely and I just saw on your about page that you're in Jersey too:)


  9. Oh yeah the past week of school was just awful, so I understand. It was too intense for much blogging to be done! I really love this outfit here though. It's so perfect for spring. The lighting in these pictures is gorgeous too!

  10. Ahhh yes, I love photos during the "Magic Hour." Best time of day for any photography really. Very pretty outfit!




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