Apr 10, 2013

Dreams Are Made Of Gold

Beautiful days usually turn out to be exactly what I need to start feeling better. If I am ever stressed all I need is some sunlight, friends and music, and things start to feel normal again. It's been a great week so far, and I am already dreaming of the weekend even though it's only Wednesday. The weather has been in the high 70's and it's everyone's dream come true.

My favorite part of all of this is going out without a coat on. Instant mood changer. Have I mentioned how much I love maxi- anything. I am currently wearing a maxi dress, and I have been living in this maxi kintage skirt because it's seriously the best. It's so soft and comfortable and literally lives up to its name "The Everyday Maxi." Summer is so close I can already taste it, I really can't think of anything else. It's also crazy to think in a month I will be making career plans. Who would have thought the year would go by so fast? I guess I should have seen it coming but it's still surprising that I am done in a few weeks.

Anyway, not much to report around these parts. I hope you guys have an awesome Wednesday, and stick around later for an awesome giveaway from Jigsaw!

Details: Every Maxi Skirt // Courtesy of Kintage ,  Booties // Minnetonka , Yellow Top // Courtesy of Francesca's Collections , Spiked Bracelet // Courtesy of Jigsaw London
Rings // Vintage & Handmade , Porcupine Quill Earrings // Etsy


  1. warm weather totally helps with everyone's mood! glad it is warming up for you guys :).

  2. Loving the bright yellow blouse! So breezy and summery. Makes me long for warmer weather! xo



  3. I love how you pair things and make them modern without losing the vintage feel.


  4. Lovely outfit! Love the yellow colour. :)

  5. Love this look..

    xo Janika

  6. maria, lovely flower photos and those boots! your outfit has a stylish ease that's perfect for spring. :)

  7. lovely look to go with the lovely weather :) x


  8. I love the maxi/Minnetonka combo! I could never pull it off, but you look adorable :)


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