Mar 11, 2013

A Sailor I Will Be

This weekend was absolutely beautiful. I woke up on Saturday morning in the best mood because I looked outside, the sun was shining, and I was ready to start my day. It was the kind of day where you drive with the windows down and the music blasting. I decided to wear this dress because I really can't get enough of the nautical prints and colors this season. I really love mixing navy and red and of course nautical accessories are becoming some of my new favorite staples. I have yet to find the perfect "anchor" ring, but I have been scouring the internet looking!

 My dad and I decided to go for a walk in the park mid-day on Saturday and it was perfect. I love talking business and future plans with my Dad because he has so many ideas and he knows so much that it's really inspiring. I use that time to throw out ideas about what I want to do in a few months, and he gives me feedback that's always on point.

Being the daughter of an entrepreneur and small business owner is a great feeling. I was raised with the work ethic that motivates me to try my hardest and do what I am passionate about. On that note, plans following graduation are in the works! I am so excited for the next few months to unfold, and I am even more excited to start building a business that is exactly what I have been dreaming of for as long as I can remember. The future and the weather are looking brighter every day. Spring is coming!!

Details: Dress / Modcloth , Shoes / Swedish Hasbeens , Tights / F21 , Rings & Belt / Vintage , Silver Bracelets / Vintage;Thrifted , Rope bracelet / Headband

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  1. Excited for you and your future endeavors! Can't wait to see what it'll be!

  2. really cute! and I love your bracelets too!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love those tights paired with the dress, too cute!

    XO, Kelsey

  4. I love that dress. I've seen it on a lot of other blogs, but I never tire of it. I'm obsessed with the nautical look these days as well! I love how you've accessorized this. :)

    xox Sammi

  5. I cannot express how much I love this outfit. The color combos are def right up my alley.

    The Nautical Owl

  6. love the colors!!! kisses from Brazil

  7. Dads are perfect sounding boards! i'm glad you are feeling good!! :)

    xo dilyn

  8. The shoes is like princess wanna be :)) so super cute

  9. Looking fabulous, my dear! I love the tights you paired with this dress!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  10. I love your dress. I also love talking to my dad about future plans, he's always been my rock to lean on.

    The Introverted Brunette

  11. What a lovely dress! And the burgundy tights are great too. Glad you had a nice weekend! The weather here in Toronto was perfect too :)


  12. Wow, inspiring Spring post, love the whole outfit but swooning for the shoes.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  13. I love those shoes - so fun!

    It's inspiring hearing you talk about how excited you are about your business plans. I'm working on getting my graphic design business off the ground right now, so it's good to hear from other entrepreneurs! :)

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  14. Love all the colors here! Navy, maroon, coral? So great. And who doesn't love a good nautical theme?

    xo Ashley

  15. I love a good nautical theme! And those shoes :)

  16. Aww that is so sweet! I love daughter father time :) Cute outfit!

  17. Good look on all your projects! I'm sure you'll do amazingly. My parents started their own businesses and I think that definitely gave me the entrepreneur spirit too! It's just great to have someone whose already been through it all to bounce ideas off of.

    Your outfit is lovely as well! The nautical look suits you perfectly :)

  18. Nice dress, and funny combo with red!

  19. I absolutely adore this look! The red and blue look great together, one of my favorite combinations. You're gorgeous, and your blog is wonderful. Definitely following now!

    xx, Elizabeth

  20. So cute! I love nautical looks!


  21. You looked lovely in this dress. The sun was shining so nicely that day and now it is cold and snowy once again, but soon the sun shall shine!!! Yey!


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