Jan 29, 2013

Wanna Be My Shmalentine?

Don't ask about the title, there's no real reason for that. I just felt it, so I'm going with it. I've been wanting to do a post on Valentine's Day for a little while now, I had some ideas running through my head and after being asked by a lot of my guy friends what they should do for the ladies in their lives I thought, why not make a little gift guide + thoughtful ideas post. This isn't only for men either, women can definitely get some ideas on what to do for their special guy. First, we'll start with the gift guide. Since I am a woman, I am speaking for all of us(I hope) when I say, NO STUFFED ANIMALS. The thought of receiving a stuffed bear makes me cringe. I'm sorry if that disappoints some of you, but I just can't. Unless you're 15 and want to hold hands at the county fair, it's just way corny. Plus adults that collect stuffed animals can be pretty creepy. Here's a cute little list for him & her: 

iphone case // heart cutting board // ray ban wayfarers // swedish hasbeens
heart ring // red booties // earrings in a bottle

I think the most important part of Valentine's day is definitely the thought that goes into it, and not so much the candy, or flowers. I know all of those things, and even the little gift guide I made are all amazing, but for me Valentine's Day is a day that reminds us to appreciate the ones we love, and not take them for granted. I tend to lean towards handmade gifts or gifts with a special meaning, but if a date is planned, it's usually something intimate and personal. Here are some date ideas for you and your loved one this Valentine's.

Cook dinner together (or cook dinner for them- nothing is 
better than your man making you a delicious dinner- ITS TRUE)
*Also, breakfast is a definite plus as well...
Get a couples massage
Watch your favorite movies together
Go somewhere you've never been 
Wine / Beer tasting
Spend the day at the museum
Book a special weekend
Relive your first date just for fun
Go ice skating

The most important part? Just be together. Enjoy each other. Nothing is better than that. Any other ideas for fun Valentine's dates?


  1. I love the cutting board and the ring. I personally like to receive functional things for holidays that shouldn't be this big thing.
    We're planning on making dinner together, which you list above. It really is the best!

  2. Super cute picks! I love hearts and that cutting board is so my kind of gift :).

  3. Such great ideas! Those red velvet booties are fantastic! Would break some hearts in those for sure :)



  4. Adorable! Great finds! xx


  5. love the heart phone case :)

    <3 Salem Style
    Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

  6. I just came across your adorable blog! Had to follow =) I am giving away a handmade dream catcher if you want to swing by my blog and check it out!


  7. Such great picks! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I need that heart i-phone case!!! So so so cute!

  9. I found your blog at vintagesearch.org and i love it, but why dont your visitor stats show on the toplist?

    - Johanna


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