Dec 28, 2012

Inside The Kaleidoscope

Details: Top, Skirt // Urban Outfitters , Wild Diva Boots // Courtesy of Lulu's , Tights // Cynthia Rowley

As most of you know or have noticed most of my post titles are lyrics from songs, or song titles that may happen to be stuck in my head at that time. I realized last night while writing this post, that so much of my inspiration comes from music. If I am having a hard time thinking of something, I just play some music, and it gets all of the thoughts flowing almost immediately. I tend to relate to music much more when I can connect with the lyrics. I tend to be a big sap. Always connecting songs to memories, and memories to songs. I also find myself singing a lot more when I lack inspiration, it helps me feel centered. (for those of you who didn't know I like to record covers on my computer and play guitar even though my guitar skills are super rusty). I also find that thoughts come to me at the weirdest times, times when I am not ready for them and times when I don't have a computer in front of me to type it all down. That's why I carry a notebook with me at all times. I also have been known to fiercely type on my Iphone in the "notes" app in the subway just so I don't forget anything I want to say. When the words come they're like pure gold, and you just can't bare to forget them.

I started writing about music and inspiration because lately I have been feeling pretty dull and lacking it. I think the stress of the holidays got to me a little and I am just starting to settle down again. I am starting to think more about the future and in my head I am planning out some ideas that I would love to put into action once I am done with school. It's scary to think I will be done with school in May, now I am thinking...WHAT NEXT?! It's amazing how dreams can take form so fast. When I feel like I am doubting myself or being negative I just try to remember how far I've come, and then everything inside me seems to settle, as if I have absolutely nothing to worry about.


  1. I frequently use music to title my posts too! Love the studded collar~

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  2. I really enjoyed this post about your connection with music. I love hearing what inspires the people who inspire me!

    <3 Melissa

  3. I know what you mean about writing thoughts down. I carry a small notebook with me in case inspiration strikes. If I don't write it down I'll lose it forever!

    Love your boots!

  4. Love your boots :)

    xo Ashley

  5. well dear maria, i feel sort of clueless because i didn't know you were so inspired by music, nor that you played the guitar. i bet you are so excited to graduate so soon. doesn't it seem like yesterday when you were just starting? i adore the texture in your tights, skirt and boots of your outfit. very lovely indeed. :)

  6. this would probably help me come up with better blog titles! lol I love to record music too! I need to get back into it, although I usually have a friend play guitar because I am just awful... haha.

    This Lovely Little Day

  7. Your boots are to die for! Just recently discovered your blog and my dear it is lovely!
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    The Introverted Brunette


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