Nov 21, 2012

Like We Are Made Of Starlight

This week is all about getting things done. School work has been so intense lately, and all I am trying to do is stay afloat. On Monday I registered for Spring classes(yikes, already?!) , and after much deliberation I decided to take a winter course online to lighten up my workload. Yesterday I applied for graduation, and today I am interviewing with my advisor to see if I will make into the internship program at FIT. It's all so nerve racking but I do feel better once each thing is crossed off my list. My favorite feeling is knowing that things are getting finished, and handed in on time.

I have about a month left until winter break and I seriously cannot wait! The next few weeks are exciting ones and I am really looking forward to finishing up all my work so that way I can enjoy the things that are coming up! Do you guys have anything planned for Thanksgiving? My mom will be cooking per usual, and we will be having family over. I am excited to eat and lay around doing nothing, that seems pretty perfect to me. Happy Wednesday everyone, it's a beautiful day, don't forget to smile.

Details: Sweater // Nordstrom , Rings // Vintage & Lucky Brand, Skinny Jeans // Loft , Black Button Up // Urban Outfitters , Soda Penny Loafers // Courtesy of Lulu's , Necklace // Gift


  1. LOVE that sweater!! Such a cute outfit!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    XO Emily

  2. OMG THAT SWEATER!!! <3 Also, I know how you feel!!! I get SO STRESSED and I am a huge procrastinator. So when I get stuff done, hand stuff in, etc. I feel amazing!!!

  3. Love your outfit! The sweater is so cute! I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! Good luck with all your schoolwork!

  4. That sweater is awesome! What a great outfit. Congrats on applying for graduation, when I did it was such a big moment for me!

  5. That is such a nice jumper. Happy Thanksgiving from the UK!

    Nikki x

  6. That sweater is so cute! I have a month left until break, too. So excited!

    <3 Melissa

  7. I love that sweater!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you tomorrow,

  8. I love the top under the sweater :) Stripes are great.

    xo Ashley

  9. You are wearing the cutest shoes ever in this post :) I love them

  10. PERFECT <3 And I want that sweater...!

  11. Love the heart on the sweater, it adds just the right amount of sweetness.

  12. nice look

  13. lovely!


  14. good luck with your studies and internship :) The amount you put in will the amount you get out! looking cute xx

  15. love your jumper! hot pics and cute too! :)

    good luck with studies and internship, you sound so organised!



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