Oct 9, 2012

Morning Lullabies

Dress // Courtesy of Lulu's , Shoes (similar)  // Courtesy of Bait Footwear , Rings & Belt // Vintage , Vest // Urban Outfitters , Glasses // RayBan Cateye

The leaves are changing, everything about fall is in full swing. I am trying to hold onto these days and thoroughly enjoy them all before it's gone and winter is already upon us. Today is being spent working and trying to figure out what else needs to be done. I have my big math test tomorrow so I am sure there will be some serious cramming tonight, so please send me some good thoughts, they are appreciated!

I finally submitted my new resume and cover letter last night for my internship application, so now is the waiting process. It's all so crazy to me, this will make a huge difference in where I end up in the future. I narrowed it down to what type of internship I want, and how many credits it's going to be, so now there's nothing left to do until I interview and make my final decision. I promise to keep you guys posted on what's going on, I am very nervous and excited for all of it to unfold.

It's so funny how busy you can get in a matter of weeks, I feel like I haven't really even remembered much of the past month or so. Last night I found myself sitting on the computer for hours on end, doing tons of things I needed to, but not even feeling satisfied afterwards because there's only more and more I have to do. This makes me feel like I am drowning. I hate that feeling. I have two ways of dealing with stress. One = laughing. Two = Singing. Both to the extreme. If I am laughing, I want it to be the funniest thing ever, and for that split second I forget that things are so intense. When I talk about singing I mean belting it out in the shower and making my parents clap downstairs. I'm talking music from morning till night when it's appropriate (not at work of course). This includes tons of raging out in the car, a song alarm to wake me up in the morning and some light singing before bed. I don't know why but this is probably the only thing that centers me at all. Music is a beautiful thing isn't it? It's perfect for every single thing you could possibly need. It knows exactly how you're feeling and puts words in your mouth that you didn't know you had. It's the perfect remedy.

I hope your day is full of singing and laughing. Today needs to be full of both of those things. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Cute outfit!! I'm always a fan of polka dots. And good luck with your internship! I hope you get it!!!

  2. You look gorgeous, I want to steal this outfit from you! And I know that drowning feeling :/ But you're handling it the best way, you're getting SHIT DONE! Keep at it, it will all pay off in the end, I promise!

  3. This outfit is spot on! Har har


  4. This outfit is really cute, I love the colors. and good look with your internship! I'm looking for some myself :/


  5. Adorable outfit and good luck on he application!

    Whiskey for Breakfast

  6. What a beautiful dress! I am already so sad that winter is on the way too :-(

  7. That dress is the cutest! I am in loving with it!
    Almost Endearing

  8. So cute! I adore that dress!
    xo Heather

  9. Good luck with the intern thing!

  10. polka dots and those glasses and red shoes - your cuteness kills me!

  11. How adorable are these glasses?! Love that dress, too! Ahh, good luck on the internship, I know it can be such a stressful time.

    Xo, Rachel

  12. That dress is beautiful. I really love those shoes, too.

    <3 Melissa

  13. this outfit is so nice and cute!


  14. you are so pretty, missy. and i can't get over how perfect the colors in these photos are. what's your trick to lighting?

  15. Oh I definitely know that feeling of feeling like I'm drowning and no matter how much I get done, there's still so much more. Grad school is killing me lately and I just now got a break to do things I've been needing to do that aren't school related and there's still so much left! Ugh! Music makes me feel better too. If I'm rehearsing with a band I forget all the crap I have to do for an hour or so. It's relieving.

    Anyway! I absolutely love your cute little outfit. That dotted dress is just fantastic and I'm loving the colorful shoes you paired with it.

  16. hi adorable -- wanna follow each other? You have suuuuch a cute style~


  17. Beautiful post. I know the feeling you're referring to, the feeling that you're drowning. I hate it as well. But I love your ways of dealing with the stress. Those are big ones for me as well. What would I do without hilarious friends and Pandora?

    I love your outfit, by the way. Your shoes are so cute!


  18. You look adorbs as always!!

    And good luck with the internship process!! I know what you're feeling as I'm in the process of career hunting at the moment. Applying, submitting, talking, emailing, and waiting.... all make us anxious, but also super duper exciting!!

    Be patient girlie... your destiny shall come right when the time is right!

    xo, Bev

  19. Sending you good vibes for your internship stuffs!!!
    You look adorbs, per usual. I am obsessed with the color of your BAIT shoes!

  20. Such a cute outfit! I'm in love with polka dots :)


  21. It must be fun to sing so loudly in the shower that your parents would applaud you!! You must be good at singing then! You look lovely in this pretty dress!!! Hope all goes well for the intern issues.

  22. What a great fall outfit! Love the crisp, colourful scenery and your advice- laughter and singing always gets me through :)



  23. Your dress is so gorgeous! I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed, I already do a little bit and I'm not even into the essay writing part of my term yet! x



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