Jul 11, 2012

Polka Dots And Denim

Details: Tank/GAP , Skirt/UO , Necklace/Gift from my Aunt(bought in Santorini), Earrings/Nordstrom, Glasses/RayBan, Denim Rio Grande Clogs/Courtesy of Ugglebo Clogs

The weather this week has been pretty perfect, definitely beats the heat that last week brought, it was almost unbearable. Not really much to report today, I can't wait for the weekend(sound familiar?) and I certainly can't wait for the next few weeks. I mentioned a while ago that I will be going to Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit my cousins/aunts in a few weeks, and I would love some recommendations of places if you guys have ever been in that area. Food places are definitely number one on the list. Trust me I am already stalking the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives website. 

On another note, I am in love with these clogs. I used to have a hard time finding shoes, and I must say my love for shoes definitely sky-rocketed since I started blogging. I think I have more options now, and so many more resources for people with teenie feet like mine. These denim Ugglebo's are one of my favorite summer staples. Comfortable and stylish, and the perfect shade of blue. I think this might be my first blue pair of shoes. I usually stick to black/brown but I definitely love bringing color into my wardrobe now. I hope you guys have a great day, half of the week is over already!


  1. i love and want your clogs! and super cute earrings too!

  2. Maria the shoes are fantastic!!!
    I'm glad you are having such an amazing time!

  3. I like visiting inspiring blogs like this.

  4. That first photo is so cute! And these are definitely not the image that comes to mind when I think of clogs; these are so cool and perfect for summer.


  5. Love your outfit and also your shoes! :-)

  6. This is a great summer outfit. Comfortable and simple but still totally cute. I love my Ugglebo's so much...aren't they a great company to work with as well?

  7. Totally sounds familiar - because my weeks are really living for my weekENDS. I'm always saying "cant wait for the weekend." Or something like that. You look so cute in your first pic its almost as "unbearable" as the heat you're having. I'm from Oregon - so I'm definitely not use to the heat. Its like 85 and I'm dying haha.

  8. Love the shoes! They look super versatile. Also, love your eyeliner.

  9. I love that first picture of you!!!! So cute!


  10. This outfit is so cute! I absolutely love the color of that skirt, so adorable! And I couldn't agree with you more about this cooler weather. Last week was completely unbearable, especially since I was working on putting up stone on our house, I felt like I was going to pass out most the time. Thankfully I didn't :)

  11. Love this outfit! The color of the skirt is awesome. Have fun on your trip!


  12. Love the polka dots! :) This outfit looks super cute on you!


  13. This is a cute look. That skirt is lovely!



  14. Hey sweets,

    I'm from Minneapolis! My boyfriend's family owns Emily's Lebanese Deli.. it has been on Diner's Drive-ins and Dives! Emily is my boyfriend's grandma! He's kind of a local celebrity! The deli is a small hole-in-the-wall place in NE Minneapolis... an old house converted into a deli but the food is the best around!! Tabouli is my favorite!

    Nye's is in NE Minneapolis as well (NE is the new hip spot!) and has also been on Diner's Drive in's and Dives!

    Finally, I would check out the patio at Psycho Suzies! It, too, is in NE and the patio overlooks the river! So fun!

    If you want some friends, email me and we will meet you! :-)


    1. Thank you for your response Allison! I will definitely check these places out :) I really appreciate it!

  15. You are officially the cutest little sis ever. LOVE the denim Ugglebos!

  16. I live in Minneapolis! There are so many great places to go! Send me an email at babesinthriftland@gmail.com and I'll tell you about all of the cool ones :)

  17. I'm a sucker for polka dots. Super cute and summery! :)



  18. such a pretty outfit :D the shoes are so cute witht he skirt!

  19. This outfit is very cute and extremely flattering on you. Perfect for Summer!

    I hope the week doesn't drag too much for you! Have fun. =)



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