Jun 4, 2012

Teachable Moments

Details: Dress&Belt/Gift from Mom , Rings/ YSL(courtesy of Chictopia) & vintage, Milan Clogs/Courtesy of Ugglebo Clogs,  Glasses/RayBan

Today while driving home from work in the pouring rain, I started to think about my college days, when I was still an education major, and when I wanted nothing more than to teach children their ABC's. Although those days are gone now, and I no longer want to teach I still learned a lot from those years, and from all of the classes I took during that time. One thing that stands out in my mind is "the teachable moments." 

A professor taught us this concept, in order to help us understand how unpredictable teaching can be. If you plan a lesson, and you know it backwards and sideways, it's not always guaranteed that the lesson will suffice. It is also not guaranteed that you will teach the lesson, in the same way you played it out in your head. I remember being able to relate to this on a different level.

In my early 20's I remember being extremely anxious about what was to come. I wanted everything to be planned out, and I wanted to know what would happen every step of the way. Tomorrow, next week, next year, I thought I had it all figured out in my head. Even though I tried to pretend I had it together, the negative thoughts always swirled around in my head and I was always concerned. How will I handle certain things IF they happen? What will I do when I get to a certain point? Will I enjoy my career once I start working? And there are no correct answers to these insecurities until you follow through and live them all. There is also no way of knowing what will happen, and when it will happen. You can't plan for a situation that hasn't occurred yet right? So why do we waste so much time worrying about those situations? I have no answer for this, but I have learned how important it is to keep moving even when things don't go as planned. 

Life isn't always perfect, and things happen and sometimes those things hurt more than you'll ever know. Living in all of the "teachable moments" is the only choice we have. It is the only choice that will bring us to the next step in our path. What I am trying to say is that you can't fully appreciate the good things, without the bad things to compare them to. The awful things make our path unique, and sometimes intense, but pushing through and finding your way makes all of that hurt beneficial in the long run. I have learned to take my own teachable moments, and run with them. Every situation has a lesson in return, and the lessons are worth all of the trouble it takes to get to them.

If I hadn't taken so many jobs that I didn't like, I never would have found my true niche and decided to enroll at FIT. If I didn't date all the wrong people, I never would have known what the right person felt like. If I never got hurt by a friend, I wouldn't really appreciate the amazing friends I have today.

Everything comes full circle, and your teachable moments are just waiting for you. Embrace it all, because you are made up of all of the good and bad things that you have experienced. There's only one you, and every little bit is perfect.


  1. I love this post! I agree. :)

  2. "If I hadn't taken so many jobs that I didn't like, I never would have found my true niche and decided to enroll at FIT. If I didn't date all the wrong people, I never would have known what the right person felt like. If I never got hurt by a friend, I wouldn't really appreciate the amazing friends I have today."

    So, so true! It's so important that we understand that, while we have experienced some turmoil in the past, all of it plays a part in who we've become. We can truly appreciate the good things because when know what the bad things feel like. While my history is kinda dark and twisty, I wouldn't change anything -- every little thing I've gone through has made me who I am, and I love the person I've become as a result.

    I wish that was a statement others found as easy to make.

    Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com

  3. I most definitely needed to read this today. Thank you.

  4. wow, really good words of wisdom!

  5. Such a great post and you are looking beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. This could have been my own post! I'm a teacher, and the scariest part IS the fact that you can prepare and prepare but one wiley student can throw the whole day off! As someone who, like you, planned and prepared for everything, this has been the most difficult transition for me.

    Why did you decide to move away from teaching?

  7. gorgeous post!! and your skirt & shoes.. I WANT!!!!!!


  8. Your skirt is absolutely beautiful & I am jealous of your perfect waves! I hope you are having a wonderful (or at least bearable) Monday!
    xo Hannah

  9. Such a great post and completely true. When I was dating I always thought, Okay this one didn't work out but now I know what I don't want...after a few years of this I discovered what I truly wanted and met him! I'm going through this process with career right now as well but I love the discovery!

  10. This post was so lovely. I'm in my early 20s and I'm panicking about having all the details planned out. It's nice to know that there's a reason for all the chaos and I hope I find what I want to do too! Thanks for sharing and cute outfit :)


  11. Oh my gosh you are so cute! And your blog is adorable, but I have to say, when I first saw this picture, at a quick glance, the sides of your belt blended in with the background so it made your waist look completely miniscule (like 4 inches wide. I had to do like 2 double takes to make sure it was your belt HAHA! I'm a dork.

    1. HAHA. it's funny because I didn't realize that until my boyfriend texted me and thought I photoshopped my waist to be supppperrr tiny. didn't notice the color combo until afterwards..pretty funny though!

  12. I had to take a double look at your waist too because of the belt! hahah
    But seriously, this post = relatable. necessary. inspirational. a must read.
    Thank you!

  13. Lovely post and lovely outfit.


  14. Thanks for this post! I can totally relate because today I hit a major, unexpected bump in the road concerning some upcoming plans... :( But thanks for the encouragement

  15. this is such a great post that really sings to my heart.

    I especially love "Living in all of the "teachable moments" is the only choice we have. It is the only choice that will bring us to the next step in our path"
    ... like that old cliche "its not about the destination, but the journey to wherever you end up".

    just like teaching is (was) for me: lessons sometimes don't go to plan, lessons can merely happen. just like life... and we have to let life happen and enjoy all the good, bad, and ugly that life brings along to fully appreciate its greatness.

    thankyou for singing this to me, and all others in the blog world, today xxx

  16. This is really sweet. It reminds me of an interview with Fiona Apple i read today that says "When things are really bad nowadays, I recognize the value in it because it's me filling my quota-- it's going to make my joy more intense later."

    P.s love the shoes!

  17. such a gorgeous look, love the combination!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  18. Beautiful pictures but more importantly beautiful post <3 Thanks for taking the time to write this :) And that skirt is SUPER striking :o

  19. SO. True.

    All of it.

    Also, your outfit is very cute. Your waist is so tiny in this!

  20. Such a great post. I especially love the 2nd to last paragraph. Isn't it cool how someone can say something that totally sticks with us forever?

  21. What a great dress! So full of color! Congrats again on getting into FIT! What an adventure you have ahead of you. Life is definitely full of "teachable moments" and I have to say, I've definitely had my far share. I too am at a point in my life where I'm finally starting to learn from my "teachable moments" and am ready to make a change. :)

    Stephanie :)
    Glam Slam!

  22. Super cute outfit!
    This was a great thing for me to read today. I'm teaching this summer and having a heck of a time. Nothing like a little inspiration to start your day with! =]


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