Jun 25, 2012

After The Rain

 Details: Crop top/Pants- Urban Outfitters // Necklace-Vintage // Shoes- Courtesy of Blowfish Shoes // Rings- Bought In France // Glasses- RayBan

After having the worst week last week, I finally calmed down and tried to enjoy the weekend. I hated feeling so overcharged with emotions, and honestly, I just didn't feel happy or good about anything. It seemed like everything(literally) went wrong and I am glad that the week is over. It's a new week, a new set of deadlines, and new things to worry about, but I feel calmer, and ready. I started thinking about all the good things, and stopped worrying about the uncertainty. Sometimes out of my darkest moments come my most inspiring days. As long as I can get through the worst of it, I know it will pass.

After working what seemed like 40 days in a row, I have today off. I am spending the day with my cousin and my sister, we're planning on sushi for lunch, and some shopping. I hardly get any time to spend with my sister anymore because our schedules are so opposite, so it'll be a nice change for once. Having days off during the week has been a weird transition but I actually seem to be getting a lot done, it's definitely good to catch up, and days like this help me feel balanced again.

 This outfit is one of the most comfortable outfits I own. Everyone calls these pants my "Aladdin" pants, and it's pretty dead on because I kinda feel like a genie in them. (Humming "A whole new world") They can easily be rolled up with heels, or worn down with flats...perfect for those chilly summer nights!

As always I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and happy Monday!


  1. omg I wish I was in your car singing a whole new world right now. hand on the ear moment.

  2. Your hair just looks perfect!!! (:


  3. Cute outfit!! And I always love a good Disney reference :) I hope you have a better week.

  4. Really cute style. The necklace is so pretty.
    xo, Petra


  5. This is my favorite outfit of yours to date! So cute.

    I'm having a pretty brutal week myself, and it's only Monday!
    Cheers to cute things and time off.


  6. I really like that necklace..I guess it sort of looks like something Princess Jasmine would own! Lol, we are running with this whole Disney theme, aren't we? This outfit is simple and comfy, I love it. Enjoy your day with your sister. =)


  7. cute post! hope you have a great day with your sis & cousin! sushi and shopping are a good mix of fun. love your blog! & love your glasses more! xo

  8. I love your outfit! You're so pretty(:

  9. You look so cute, I love your pants, and shoes as well :)

  10. you look very pretty!
    kisses from prague

  11. keep fighting through the busy times. life has such great adventures for you in store! :):)

  12. awww, you're so cute! I love the glasses!
    I have a tendency to worry too much (most of the time stressing out about things I have no control over)... I need to learn to relax!
    I hope this week is better for you!

  13. I love this! Your slouchy pants are soooo cute. They look perfect with your crop top. Such an effortless and chic look.


  14. I love this outfit! Relaxed but chic, and the neutral color palette is great!


  15. oh maria, i sure hope you have a better week. sounds like a nice monday with your family. your outfit looks very casual & carefree. :) i finally got my blog post up where i show the shoes i won in your lulu's giveaway. it's in the link is below.


  16. Oh my, I hope your coming week goes better for you. At least there is today to relax.

    Love the necklace, by the way.

  17. I looked over your blog and I have to say: You are so sweet!!!
    And yes, I can understand you, I love Vintagefashion too!
    lovely greetings from Berlin/Germany


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