May 29, 2012

Meet My May Sponsors!

Since the month of May is known for Mother's Day, I asked some of my sponsors to tell me a little bit about why they love their mamas so much. Enjoy their answers, and go pay them a visit, they are all amazing in their own ways!

I'm a Chicago-based fashion designer, illustrator, and blogger who loves spontaneous adventures, dogs, estate sales, soy chais and live music.  My blog, Bubby and Bean, focuses on living creatively though design, fashion, DIY projects, life, love and learning.

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My rockstar mom is an amazing artist, a fellow adventure seeker, a fancy decorator, a green thumb goddess, and one of my very best friends.  She also know how to laugh hard and enjoy the simplest parts of life, which are the main reasons she'll forever be my idol. 

I'm a blogger, vintage shop owner and can usually be found with a Diet Coke in my hand and a bow in my hair. When I'm not writing or eating Mexican food, I'm usually just trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Fun, right?

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My Mom is my absolute best friend in the world. She's just as weird and insane as I am, and loves and supports me unconditionally. Couldn't ask for more than that!

I'm a hairstylist by day, and crafter by night.  I live down the street from a beautiful beach, get to see a sunrise every day, have a crazy Italian family and an amazing boyfriend.  I am a big fan of nice people, colorful hair, coffee, music, and peace.

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Quite simply, my momma is amazing.  She's smart, she's funny, and not to mention beautiful.  She's always saying how she worries that I'll become just like her, and I tell her that I wouldn't wish for anything else.  She's taught me life lessons that some never learn in a lifetime, and for that I am sincerely grateful.  Mother's Day should be a celebration every day, because they seriously deserve it!  I only hope to someday be as good as she is. <3

I'm Shannon from Shannon Heart's.  I blog about personal style, fashion, photography, my travels, and all the pretty things I discover along the way.

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing mother, who is also one of my best friends and the most inspiring and wise person I know.  I am who I am because of her, and I am so very thankful for her.

I'm a voracious thrifter, music aficionado, heathen, and owner of a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. I'm a writer and a designer, but mostly just a secret cat lady. Vanagon Champion is about all of these things with a little bit of thrifty goodness and old-fashioned magic for good measure.

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She's the most kindhearted, selfless, hardworking, and generous person I know. I'd be lucky to be half as kind as she is someday!

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  1. Love this! I am so thrilled to be included with such a lovely & talented group of ladies. And, it was so fun reading about everyone's mothers. Thank you Maria!


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